Your Responsibility in Restraining the Power of the State

Your Responsibility in Restraining the Power of the State

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I hear a lot of talk and read a lot of text about people and their rights. I hear a lot about amendments and founding fathers. The word CONSTITUTION seems to be on repeat along with words like BIG GOVERNMENT and CORRUPT BEAURACRATS.

Thanks to the election of Donald Trump we are now hearing about the evil government from both left and right sides of the political spectrum. The next statement is gonna hurt but its the reality of our situation in America.

The overwhelming power of the state is reflection of the people therein.

We were once a self sufficient and rebellious people. There was fear in public response. A beautiful thing. The American has gone from a tea in the harbor, whiskey rebellion guerilla to a sniveling toddler who throws tantrums over the trinkets they don’t yet have. We need better and we need integrity.

“Money isn’t our God. Integrity will free us all.”
Max Cavalera

Eyes on the Prize

All success and happiness come from freedom and liberty. There is no potential for happiness in chains. There is no potential for progress in chains. Oddly enough, the progressives are the ones who want to chain others!

While you might think a happy life means salary, wife and kids or some other equation, none are possible without freedom. You must keep your eyes on the prize.

While our lives have been submerged in a world of distraction it is still our responsibility to reign in the state. This is not something that requires violence, yet. We can laugh in the face of our despotic and subversive government. Its not hard. It starts with integrity and priorities.

  • Powerful Communities
  • Healthy Americans
  • Self Sufficiency
  • Dynamic Lifestyles

These are the pillars of the I AM Liberty Show. When you have freedom they are all possible. When you commit these to your being the intrusive methods of an over powered state, bought out media and manipulated public stand out like beacons in the dark night. Can you see it? I think we all can see the beacon now.

The question is: Are you going to shatter that beacon and walk into the darkness?

You think you cannot exist in the darkness but you are more than capable. It takes work but we can own the night rather than have the government protect us from it. Restraining the state and its uncontrollable lust for power means you must make the tough choices, all the time. You must push to be the best version of you, everyday.

Washington is a Response to our Society

Our government is incredibly reactive. Power has no political affiliation, it only grows. As power is accumulated the humans that are affected by it reach some point of madness. Like Sauron’s ring this power has driven our politicians and our countrymen into something that is hardly recognizable. Gollum. We are all little Gollum’s chasing after the next man’s car, his job and his wife. To those who have the things we cannot attain, we spite them and J’accuse them in the court of public opinion.

You hate Donald Trump? Did you hate Barack Obama? These are merely products of what you have become. If we had more of a focus on liberty we would not have presidents of such questionable means and methods.

We are a public of questionable means and methods. Our motivations are shallow and rarely include true sacrifice or consideration for others. The quest for easy money and easy power never seems to end. There are never enough trinkets, sex or the chance to holler, “I told you so.”

“We are the Hollow Men…Shape without form, shade without color.”
T.S Elliot, The Hollow Men

A Human Mass Extinction

The 20th Century was studded with several of the most terrifying mass murders and genocides in history. Cambodia, China, Russia and Germany as well as other notable genocides sewn into the quilt of the human experience. So many were killed for nothing. The 21st century will not be highlighted by similar mass murders. Like everything else, we are much more efficient.

By forfeiting our freedom in return for empty promises or benefits we are empowering the state. If we are given totally to the state, guns, rights, property, we will not just be setting history up for another mass slaughter. This bloated state run mentality doesn’t end within our borders. From there it moves to a global government.

The atrocities of the 20th Century will pale in comparison to the rebellion, murder and the mass human extinction that will come from a Global Government takeover.

Imagine a game that was played by three people. How easy would this game be if you could convince the other two players to focus only on one another. When we exist in the world of left and right politics, conservative and progressive talking points or Red and Blue alliances we play into the hand of the state.

With every decision you make you must ask yourself, “Am I empowering the state?”

As an American and an integral piece of the puzzle of freedom, you have a responsibility to restrain the state in all its attempts. As their powers grow our liberty dissolves. The state is a fire that must be contained at every turn or else it will torch the tree of liberty. Forget about watering that tree with the blood of patriots, we must protect it from the fire of this ever growing government.

They stand not to protect us but to protect their interests. They stand not to represent us but to secure. Funding. Power. Leverage. Posturing. Pandering. Influence.

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world end
Not with a bang but a whimper.
T.S Elliot, The Hollow Men



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