Your mind is a wimp!

Your mind is a wimp!

October 3, 2012 Uncategorized 0

This will not be an intellectual piece. Though the mind is in the title, it will not be about IQ or intelligence at all really. Instead we will take a look at a part of the mind that is even more powerful. To me its a part of the mind that makes or breaks everyone of us.

‘Your mind is a wimp,’ the words rushed through my head as I blew out another hot breath. I had just passed by the exit to the track at my gym and nearly slowed to a stop. My body was breaking. Too bad I was not finished. It was the tail end of a long workout and I wanted so badly to cut it short.

If you havent brought your body to the breaking point in a while I highly recommend it. A few episodes back on I Am Liberty I spoke about getting in shape. Now I wasn’t just talking out the side of my head I take this very seriously. Bending your idea of what your body is capable is so important. Understand, even if you have spent the last 5 years on your couch eating Anytizers and watcing anime your body is still capable of incredible things.

It all comes down to the mind. If you can bench 250lbs 10 times you are strong, no doubt. But what if you had to do 12 times. Could you? or is your mind a wimp? In order to find out you simply have to bring yourself to your knees with exhaustion. Test your body like you never have and at the point where you can go no further, push no harder or run no faster….you simply do.

Your will power is what this article is about. So many times I have under estimated my body and been surprised. It is simply about putting that little ‘quit’ voice out of your head and pushing through. Think about anything else but your body and you will see the body carry on.

If you listen to your mind it will tell you everything you want to hear. You cant breathe, your heart is beating too fast, and you are so hot that your head is pounding. Just quit. quit. Stop and catch your breath. There is always tomorrow. Finish this later. Just get some water and come back. Whatever you do you have to stop this suffering NOW!

Dont listen to the voice. Finish plus. If you are running three miles and dieing at 2.5 run 3.5. Its a matter of training yourself. Its all about balance. You cannot rely on the mind for all your wisdom as you cannot rely on the body for all your power. You must work in unison to achieve the most from yourself. Knowing when to push the body further is as important as knowing how to put the mind at rest and vice versa.

For me it comes down to a trust issue. I dont trust my mind or my body on its own. The mind moves me to do things I know are wrong just as the body on its own reacts in temper or anger in ways I regret. To balance body and mind is the only way.

This can be applied to any circumstance or trial in life and if our future is as burdened as I believe it is this balance will have huge implications over the rest of your life.


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