Why I wear the cross

Why I wear the cross

December 18, 2014 news 0

In this most holy time of the year it’s easy for people on the fence to become overwhelmed or disenchanted with religion altogether. It doesn’t help that one of the most prominent religions in the world is linked with some of the vilest acts of our lifetime. Still, for many of us who don’t frequent the pews or read from a holy book each week it is undeniable the power and the presence of God.

A very interesting question though. Why do you where the cross? Cuz the bible says so. Well I hope that’s not the only reason. We will discuss this on the show this week.

The population draws closer to God this time of year than any other. I’d rather not talk about those devout worshippers who have their faith set in stone. For them this time of year is but another reaffirmation of what they know to be true.

Let’s talk about the man who knows God and understands he has been blessed but has some questions. He has faith but he has cynicism, too. To him the bible reads with great meaning in parts and in others it’s just too much to believe. The over the top believer makes him uncomfortable and bends him more to doubt than faith. Who knows where this guy ends up but this time of year he too draws close to God be it human nature or true destiny.

I wear a cross but I am one of the men described above. I have my questions but I have my faith as well. God has blessed me with so much in my short life. Though I can’t help but wonder how much of what man says is God’s word. These are struggles many have and I want to talk about it this week on I AM Liberty.


For me it starts and ends with faith. You can pull science into it and scoff at the bible if you’d like. For me though it’s all about faith. The number one reason I wear the cross around my neck is the faith I have in God and what he has done for me. I have been ruined and reborn. I have been imprisoned and set free. Opportunities have been laid at my feet like no one else I know and it’s got nothing to do with me. The cross is a constant reminder of that.

My Relationship

Three years ago when my son was born I bought the first cross I ever owned. I bought a beautiful one for my wife as well. Before Carter was born we were married and battling through life day by day. It was important to my wife and I that God become a bigger part of our life. This is just another tie that binds us.

The Power

“I can do all things through Christ he who strengthens me.” There is a reason that Corinthians quote is written across the chest of Jon “Bones” Jones. He is one of the baddest men on the planet, light heavyweight champion in the UFC. When I am broken and beaten down by life I grab the cross and it’s like a video game power up.

It Looks so Good!

I am a flawed human just like you and everyone else. Vanity, vanity all is vanity! I work out, I work hard and I eat right. White t shirt, nice jeans and boots gotta be one of the best outfits through the cross on top of it and it sets things to a whole ‘nother level. You might think it blasphemous but I am just being honest with you on this one!

My Enemies

I am so sick of radical Islam and their atrocities. If this world is ever thrust into a “convert or kill” war I want these beasts to know, without a doubt, where I stand.


Don’t miss I AM Liberty Friday 9EST Live on www.prepperbroadcasting.com It will be a night about the old and new testament. I will do some reading and explain what draws me closest to God. Sure there will be news but the show will be about God the relationship with his people.

This week’s show I have some questions for the audience as well.

  • Why do you wear the cross?
  • If you are Christian what is your roll in this Muslim takeover in the world


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