why are we shooting?

why are we shooting?

December 15, 2012 Uncategorized 0

How do we feel tonight? Think of how you feel right now with this horror fresh in your mind and understand that we will only see more of this. As the country spirals out of control due to the lack of leadership and the slow end of our age of false prosperity there will only be more of this. Taxes are going up, jobs are being lost and for the first time the Americans, who so love to cry woe is me, are falling on actual hard times.

This is not an isolated event but a societal problem. We have seen it all year. Tragedy after tragedy but we do nothing about it. How many times can you walk into a room and get slugged in the face without putting your hands up. When do we put our hands up?

I dont exactly know why these boys have decided to cope with life in such a fashion. Of course their acts are deplorable but why? If we dont try to figure out why than we can never solve anything. We will remain an angry mob mulling around pointing fingers.

I have my theories. Drugs is one in particular. I dont mean smoking pot. I mean the drugs that insecure parents pump into their children. These disgraceful parents who will stop at nothing to make sure little Jimmy is just like the rest of the kids. Parents who put everything over their child so they give him a pill and sit him in a dark room with a game system. Its sickening! If the child is sad we dont let their brain cope with it. Stick em with a happy needle.

The most obvious theory is the lack of open dialect with the parents.

I’m tired of hearing about violent movies and gory video games. In the late 90’s I was Mr. Violence. Sex, violence and video games I was in love with it all. Horror movies and death metal was what it was all about. It was a time when the evils of the internet were coming into their own. You could see anything you wanted and my buddies and I watched it all. Horrors that have been burned into my mind forever.

Never once has the idea of suicide or homicide ever crossed my mind. Do you understand what I am saying to you. I was a wash in both. The words I listened to and the things I watched. There was no church I argued there even was a God at that point in my life. Still, never once did the idea of suicide or homicide cross my mind.

After a long week, in my teens, I would sit on the couch with my parents and we would talk. We would talk football, news, memories. We would talk past, present and future. We would talk about everything and nothing. This is so important. It gave them a chance to see how their son was progressing. It gave them a chance to nudge me back on the right track. One night a week for maybe 2-3 hours my parents could pull their son out of the world I described above, look him over, dust him off and put him back on track.

I know what your thinking ‘everyone doesnt have strong parents.’ It is a societal change that unfortunately we cannot correct overnight. So what do we do in the interim. Well there are things we can do. We are not powerless. The answer is not to melt down all the guns in the country nor to turn all of us into hip holstering renegades.

Most schools dont have the money to bolster securities. I work in the non profit world. In my short time I have come to the conclusion that though we are a society that burns through resources like a wildfire there is one plentiful untapped resource. Us.

Every school in America should put a call out to the community for volunteers. Retired police men, parents, military vets, hunters, grandparents, security guards are all untapped resources who could donate just a fraction of their life to assure our children can show up to school and concentrate just on learning. If they have experience with handling a gun and protecting the innocent they should be contacted. If these frightened, young kids had any thought that bullets would be flying back at them before they could get a round off their actions would be deterred.

We have to get back to leaning on each other in hard times. Reaching into the community to find answers to our problems. Just remember when we reach out to Washington for answers they reach deeper into our back pockets. I dont know about you but I cant afford it anymore.

On one final, furious note. Shame on the media for sticking microphones in the faces of those children. Those babies. You couldn’t pay a dimestore hooker enough to do what those animals did today with their cameras and microphones. In the name of a “story” they stoop lower than the lowest. Shove a tape recorder in a broken child’s face but don’t have the balls or the brains to question whats really behind this madness. Goodnight!

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