Who Are We? A Call for Prepper Rebranding

Who Are We? A Call for Prepper Rebranding

September 10, 2014 Uncategorized 7

What is our “brand” synonymous with? I mean if we had an emblem it would be a gas mask. How many of you have a damned gas mask? How many of the brilliant podcasters, article writers, business owners and other incredible folks in this community have a gas mask? If you do is it the focal point of what you do on a daily basis? Does it sit in the middle of your dining room table? So why have we allowed the media to hijack our brand like a bunch of ISIS pukes and turn all our hard work into a laughing stock?h Worse yet we have been leveled with domestic terrorists.

The truth behind the matter is that regardless of the PREPPER name our community is providing knowledge, skills, products and entertainment that the general public is hungry for. They are simply too afraid to be associated with our brand to delve into it. People are beginning to understand the threats in our world, our food system, and the frailties of our infrastructure. It is up to us to figure out how to welcome them into our community and make them feel right at home.

There are too many great resources attributed with the name to even consider changing it. Prepper Broadcasting is a 24/7 broadcaster of great hosts and information about self reliance, news, preparedness and even music, www.prepperbroadcasting.com. Prepper Website is the pen ultimate site for sheer knowledge on any the topics associated with prepping or homesteading or even great prepper fiction! (www.prepperwebsite.com) American Preppers Network is the hub for much of the nations communication on the matter as well as great articles and some really fun webinars www.americanpreppersnetwork.com. Than there is www.prepperpodcast.com another great resource for the written and the spoken work of preppers along with breaking news and even a store full of great products.

So do we ask that these leaders in the preparedness game change the names of their successful websites to garner more attention from those hungry for what they offer? Hell no! Its time to rebrand the prepper name. Its time to take the control back from the media on who and what we are and what we stand for because I think there has been a serious revolution since Y2K and people need to know about it. They need to know we aren’t to be lumped in with the doomsday preppers of Nat Geo or whichever terrible shock value show is on at 8pm EST.

I copied these some questions from Rising Above the Noise. If you have made it this far in the article than I am sure this means something to you. I have made a few bold that I think are most important to our needs.

How To Rebrand: 19 Questions To Ask Before You Start


19 Questions That Every Rebrand Needs to Ask


Why are we doing a rebrand?


What problem are we attempting to solve?


Has there been a change in the competitive landscape that is impacting our growth potential?


Has our customer profile changed?


Are we pigeonholed as something that we (and our customers) have outgrown?


Does our brand tell the wrong (or outdated) story?


What do we want to convey? To whom?


Why should anyone care about our brand?


Have we isolated exactly who should care about our brand?


Have their needs, or the way they define them, changed?


Are we asking our customer to care more about our brand — and what it means — than we do?


Is our brand associated with something that is no longer meaningful?


Is our brand out of step with the current needs and desires of our customers?


Are we leading with our brand direction? Are we following with our brand direction?


Is the goal of this rebrand a stepping stone (evolutionary) or a milestone (revolutionary) ?


Will this solution work in 5, 10 and 15 years from now based on what we can anticipate?


Have we assigned some committee to manage the project versus someone (or at most, two people) who is/are focused, inspired and can lead?


If we were starting our business today, would this be the brand solution we would come up with?


Surely there are some out there who have no problem with what the PREPPER Moniker. I personally think that we are a community that is so full of knowledge that we are doing an injustice to the public by not finding ways to get that knowledge into their minds. Unfortunately the media has turned the PREPPER name into a runaway freight train…a burning runaway freight train. I propose that we move to change that.

We have some of the most brilliant minds doing business and spitting knowledge in the prepper community. We are more than able to change the premature label created by the media. If you feel like this is something you would like to pursue please feel free to contact me at iamlibertyshow@gmail.com. I have some great connections in this community and believe that as a group we can change the perception of the PREPPER name, engage more people and get more of them prepared. Maybe we could even reap some benefits from this work we do as well?




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  1. Son of Liberty says:

    I am fully convinced that if we ‘re-brand’ ourselves, the time will come in short order that those who wish to minimize the prepper idea will vilify the newly ‘re-branded’ name as well, and it will (too) become as odious to some as the ‘prepper’ brand is now. The media, those fearful of the idea of being prepared for an emergency, those who despise conservative ideas/ideals, those who disparage personal responsibility, self-reliance, and resourcefulness, those who insist on being politically correct, etc., etc., will soon make the newly re-branded name as villainous as preppers are now.

    They are playing a game of semantics, fear mongering, and isolating by their behavior. We cannot afford to play that semantic game.


    Son of Liberty

    • iamliberty says:

      I think that we are so varied that in our background that assuming we are all conservatives is crazy. The prepper, self reliance, homesteading, tiny house whatever else movement is building before our eyes. Its evolving. Its not just army vets and retired cops under the name survivalists.

      We have the ability to capture an audience, with the right message we could garner a following that would trounce the media and those shallow bums who look to piss negativity on anything. Just my thoughts.

  2. I think the solution is to sell self-reliance. It is something that can be used every day to better ones quality of life, can be used in emergency and it produces a Freedom loving person who wants to be in charge of their families future. No fear, just becoming a better person by becoming a person who is bigger than their problems. 🙂

    • iamliberty says:

      Now thats good direction! being a prepper is not about hiding in your bunker with nasty shelves fulll of dried food. Preppers are freedome loving people who are looking to take charge of their families future by becoming better and more self reliant people and engaging those around them to do the same! Thats sharp thanks for the comment.b

    • johngkent says:

      I came to the Prepper community as I researched sustainability. While I recognize that my audience may not be a part of that community, there is much to learn. I would say a good portion of my daily reading for sustainability is now in line with Preppers.

  3. Jason says:

    I just think we need to mainstream the idea it seems to me that when they do cover prepper they get into the crazies maybe we should start smaller like prepping for storms rather than polar shift or government collapse. Yes you should prepare for possibilities that may occur but if you start on a smaller scale you might get more on board. Storms happen all the time so it’d be easier to not look like fools. Maybe a public relations movement to introduce people that you don’t have to necessarily think the government is going to collapse to be prepared to be self – sufficient so you don’t drain resources from responders.

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