When the World Becomes Edible

When the World Becomes Edible

May 28, 2014 poetry 0

When the world becomes edible

It will open your eyes

You will drive by thickets and smile

In the spring you will seek out young shoots and pods or

The beautiful morel mushroom

After those Spring rains other fungi will appear

The fire like chicken of the woods mushroom

As they burn bright on old oak trees

When the world becomes edible you will finally know variety

Not of the type that lines the market shelves

Common plantain, lady’s thumb, dandelion, wood sorrel

wild strawberry, blackberry, Mulberry,  elderberry

Natures seasonal inventory will keep you coming back

As the heat of late summer begins to wane

The paw paws are ripe and a treat all to themselves

The chantrelles and oyster mushrooms appear in the fall

Stinging nettle, Jerusalem artichoke, black walnut and wild grape

The truth is you’ll never look at the forest the same way

When the world becomes edible



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