What the May 1st Silver Buy Means to You

What the May 1st Silver Buy Means to You

April 24, 2013 Uncategorized 0

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGZ5f1G1Ep0?feature=player_detailpage]

There is a movement afoot. We are just days away from the first attack of its kind on the fiat manipulation of silver pricing. On May 1st 2013 the silver stacking community as well as individuals will an attempt to topple the house of cards trading system for precious metals. The method will be, with the help of each person, to make a purchase in silver the day of May 1st. In theory this would cripple the paper market for silver. The groups want to see this false market show its hand.

So that’s that. I wont go to deep because the video explains it all much better than I can. The important question for us is: what does this mean for low yield buys like most of us out there. The 1-5 oz per month or less. Well it means no matter what the outcome silver will be even harder to come by. I am on a waiting list at both of the coins shops I frequent. Whether they are shielding from loss or the demand is just so high you better believe this will affect availability. What it will do to the price is anyones guess because it is not an accurate pricing structure.

Lets get down to lamens terms. Do you snub your car payment for a large silver purchase on or before May 1st? I wouldn’t but that’s your decision to make. These folks are in the business of selling silver and I simply don’t see them just not selling it all of a sudden. Will there be delays? Of course. The silver and the furby are not much different when it comes to supply and demand.

My advice would be at the very least buy on the 1st. Place an online order so the system feels it. This is an important movement. I believe it will tell us a lot. If you keep your ear to the precious metals world you know that a movement like this will show someones hand. Whether it is the falsified trade price or the fact that the silver stackers were out on the fringe trying to find that perfect investment. Either way pay attention to the market before and after May 1st.

If you are anything like me you want to KNOW things. Not so much into speculation. I watch a lot of  boxing and combat sports. The ring is a place where you simply cant run from the truth. Its black and white within those boundary lines. If you didnt train enough it shows, when your off-balance it shows and there is nothing you can do. Watch the silver market its about to take a strong left hook. Will it absorb the hit unflinchingly or will it be down for the count? There will be much to learn from observing this event.

Don’t sell your home for kilos of silver. If you have some money to spend why not be a part of something that will yield results. Whether they are the results we want or not. Thats my two silver pence on May 1st and how we should look at it.

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  1. mike d says:

    we’re already seeing the dealys. the silver shop down the street is “sold out” (you’d think they’d wanna stock up while spot is down…) and the online sources i use are also sold out or “delayed” whatever that means.

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