What $50 Can Do for a Prepper

What $50 Can Do for a Prepper

January 12, 2018 news 0

I am a writer. I write for a living, for fun and anything in between. www.jwwrites.com

Its arguable that writing has afforded me the best jobs of my life. Its arguable that the love letters to my wife were what brought me this incredible life in Virginia and my two boys. For a long time I was scared to admit my dreams. I thought it impossible to make a living writing. It was two mothers that brought me to a career in writing. It was the passing of one mother. A patriotic woman who raised my wife, watched my oldest son and was the driving force in her family. It was also the push from my own mother to be everything I was capable of being.

So what does this all have to do with how a prepper can use $50?

I approached The Prepper Journal a couple months ago for a client. I already knew of the site and loved its content. I was a fan long before all of this freelance writing. Well, I posted some great content on there about setting up a base defense. It just so happened that this site was running a writing contest at the time of the posting, unbeknownst to me. A few weeks later I get an email about winning a $50 gift card for my work.

$50.00 is all about how you look at it. On a warm Tuesday morning I set client work aside for about 20 minutes and scrolled through Amazon. I had a few things on my mind. These were items I have been looking at for a while but hadn’t pulled the trigger on.

The SOG Prophet Backpack is a beauty and it was well out of reach after the holiday. I thought $50 towards it would be a good idea.

The Sawyer Water Filter has also been high on my list but this one just missed the cart.

This number from Schrade was also very close to being mine.

Instead, I settled on products with big capabilities for very little money.

Linseed Oil

A prepper needs to consider his tools and I have been in the market for this stuff for a while. I have become a man in love with axes and chopping wood. I think its nearly meditative. So it would stand to reason that I buy this great oil to coat the handles of my axes and other wood handled tools.

New Axe Sharpener

Its time for a new sharpener here at Casa Liberty. This one will do just fine and it cost just over $5.

Infityle EMT Molle Pack

I need a dedicated trauma kit for my vehicle and this is just the case for it. It comes with a pair of China made shears. While they may be cheap will be much better than the shears I have in my car right now i.e. no shears in the car right now.

30 yds of Gorilla Tape

Do I need to explain the importance of this stuff?

200′ of Mil Spec 750lb Paracord

I am always scrapping the barrel when it comes to cordage. Not in 2018. I want to keep stockpiling this stuff.

Mesh Storage Bags (BOB, GHB organization)

My father used to say “Bags and Baggage,” whenever we would have a bunch of bags in our hands. If we were coming home from a sleepover or the market this was his phrase. I bought these mesh bags to organize things within bags. Bags and baggage.


$50 later I have made the most of that gift card. Thanks The Prepper Journal. With just that little bit of money I can better organize my bags, care for my tools, enhance my shelter building options, increase my vehicular preparedness (thanks Gunmetal Armory) and added products to my inventory that have multiple uses.

How would you have spent the money? Would you have gone for that beautiful SOG backpack? Is there something out there you are looking to get your hands on. I would love to hear about it and talk about it on this weeks podcast. We will be live Wednesday night 9pm EST on www.prepperbroadcasting.com. BE THERE!!!



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