Urban Survival Pumpkin Carving Gear Giveaway

Urban Survival Pumpkin Carving Gear Giveaway

October 17, 2018 news 0

This month has been all about Urban survival and we are going to hit the second half of the month pretty hard with information. We are working a theme each month, going forward. There is a lot of opportunity in that for you and me. One thing I want to do each month is give away items that are unique to that month’s theme. Beyond just giving away stuff I want it to be fun or challenging. or both.

This month we are giving away a Strike Pen for your EDC, a Tac Light for self defense and an EvaTac Combat Bag to put it all in!

All I want from you is a Jack O Lantern!

Send me a picture of your favorite jack o lantern you carve this year and one winner gets the Urban Survival Care kit from the I AM Liberty Show. You can send entries through the following methods

Contact me through the website
Instagram: @iamlibertyshow
Twitter: @iamlibertyshow
Or just email them to iamlibertyshow@gmail.com

Looking forward to your artwork and getting this prize pack in your hands!



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