Upgrade your EDC and Conquer the Family Day Trip

Upgrade your EDC and Conquer the Family Day Trip

August 2, 2017 featured 3

It is a time for day trips to the beach and fun at parks and with amusements. For many this is merely a day to not only throw caution to the wind but some would stand to bring even less on these trips. Many travel 10’s of miles with as little as they can carry to assure their experience is not weighed down by anything unnecessary. For the average person its a great time to be alive and to be American. The summer day trip or even the weekend away can make Monday come quick but with a smile.

For those who live life with eyes wide open these trips can present some real  challenges. Whether you venture to call yourself a prepper or a survivalist or nothing at all these short trips probably make you a little edgy. The distance from your home and being surrounded by unknown quantities is enough to make many of us clench our toes in the rereinforced, tactical sandals.

These trips may require a little more than EDC or everyday carry items. When considering such trips what direction do you take? I cannot bring myself to carry a bugout bag on my back to the beach. Not only does it look incredibly suspicious but its also unnecessary. In my search for the  best day trip setup I have stumbled into some answers that I would like to share with you in this article.


This is an essential part of taking trips in my book. I have to hae ways to power things on the road and on the beach or away from walls and wires.

Solar Charger – While this thing is going to take about 2 weeks to fully charge its cells you can also charge it on a USB. It has two ports and will charge two devices at once. My wife and I are thrilled about this.

Magentic USB Charger – This came with my IPROTEC and we will discuss this later. What I will say is, start looking for lights and gear that charges via USB. Stop wasting money on batteries. They even make batteries that charge on USB now!

Wall Plug USB – Pretty Standard but I always bring these and a USB chord.


Bic Lighter

Dryer Lint in a Plastic Bag – My favorite tinder to carry


DANGO Tactical Wallet – This is an awesome minimalist wallet that has a small mutlti tool card in it.

Note Pad – Write something down.

Tactical Pen – A must have for parks that do not allow guns or knives

IProtec USB Charging Light – My big EDC light that charges anywhere USB is available. I love this light for the road


64 Fluid Ounce Under Armor Water Bottle

8L Hydration Pack Inside the Coleman Revel


P95 Ruger 9mm

2 Clips

Hollow Point 115 Grain Ammunition

Kershaw Brawler Pocket Knife


Combat One Tactical Bath (the ultimate body cleansing system)

Shit Kit (toilet paper folded in a plastic Ziploc)

Bug Spray


My bag offers a small pocket that I stuff with some fever reducing meds, hydrocortisone, triple antibiotic ointment, Band-Aids and burn cream. I also bring a small home kit in the vehicle as well.


I carry a simple hydration bag called the REVEL with 8L hydration pack by Coleman. Its a cheap bag that offers me enough space and water to make a day trip possible without totting a huge bag. Lets not forget there is always room for more to be carried in your car.

Lately I have been pushing people to deconstruct the bugout bag and focus more on a get home bag that stays in the vehicle. Its just a numbers game. We spend much more time away from home with our vehicle. Consider work and school.

I am very happy with my day trip loadout that balances having a good time with the family and enjoying life while having enough to handle our needs in the event of a disaster. All of this is also supplemented by practiced survival skills which you cannot buy at Amazon!

The links in this article make me money…….buy stuff. 


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  3. Jon Haas says:

    Thanks for all the information and links. Isn’t Prepping an ongoing effort? It seems we’re never done learning new skills, practicing skills, acquiring gear and working on our plans!

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