Tom Locke: Surviving Today XVI

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XVI

January 10, 2015 Tom Locke 0

Every Thursday here at stay tuned for another exciting chapter in Tom Locke’s story. Its not dystopian but, have mercy, its one man’s survival.

  •  A surprise behind headlights and hillside

As the tree fell Tom went over the words in his head. How he would craft them and with what expressions. Pulling the guns was the last resort. This was more than likely an American driving through the mountains. An American with his own problems and family. The last resort would be to kill or injure such a person.

The wind was becoming very apparent. This side of the mountain must have been facing the incoming. The cold was all around them but adrenaline pushed it away. The fire to survive and warn the world of the mountain top Jihad that was being initiated. It was their spirit now connected to hundreds of millions of others.

The truck didn’t move for what seemed like an eternity. The lights burned into the cold night carving out a deeper look into the valley. The engine hummed and Tom imagined the man inside smashing his fists against the steering wheel blaming his ‘dumb luck’ on the situation.

Whining at the hinges the heavy door popped open. Najair and Tom squinted through the light struggling to make out the figure. Not very tall or very husky. Certainley not the mountain man they had imagined nor the solider of Muhammad they had feared. No. This was something dainty and deliciate. As the silohuette passed through headlights it was clear that this was a long haired woman.

What in God’s name was a long haired woman doing out on this mountian at this hour.

“GOTO HELL TREE!!!” She screamed,” Go straight down to hell you demon of tree!”


She kicked and ripped at the tree. It was both frightening and mystifying. They couldnt look away, either of them.

Two dirty bloody men asking for a ride from a bipolar truck driving woman on the side of a mountain. This could only get more interesting. The speech Tom was working on had to change. While he watched the woman lose her cool he began reword it.

“Help!” Najair called as he fell out the woods looking at the woman.

“Its a miracle you came through this mountain at such a time.”

The womans eyes went from embarrasment to horror all in one motion and looked to her side and pulled a giant revolver from a holster on her belt. She pointed it right at Najair and pulled back the hammer.



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