Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXXVIII

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXXVIII

July 8, 2015 Tom Locke 0

Every Thursday here at stay tuned for another exciting chapter in Tom Locke’s story. Its not dystopian but, have mercy, its one man’s survival.

Tom looked over Agent Killeen after she put her burqa back on. They were seconds from leaving the cabin. Hidden in the filthy heap was a powerful explosive that would detonate to begin the final battle on the mountain top. These explosives in sync with each of the other under cover agents would create enough confusion to hide amongst the trees and begin to pick off the survivors.

“Your tag is showing,” Tom said attempting to stifle his own fear with laughter.

Agent Killeen looked at him through the veil and shooed him with her hands. Underneath the garment she held a small submachine gun. Tom still had his rifle. Through the back of the cabin they crept and the agent spoke quietly to her company who were no doubt exiting cabins through their rear exits as well.

Had these agents entered the rooms with actual radicals they would have been dispatched at this point in the mission. I guess if the agent were particularly vicious they may have bound and gagged the radical Muslim allowing them to go up in cinders with the rest of the cabin.

“Walk me to the woods. Do it quickly and do it quietly.”

The outskirts of the camp were worn from running ATV’s and other vehicles. The cabins were all in view now. He had no idea the extent of the charge they left behind. Would it billow high into the sky or would it simply mow those closest to the cabin. Either way Tom was glad it was on his side.

The moved quickly towards the wooded edge.

“Just a second brother,” a voice issued behind them from a distance. A man came running at them but halted as he neared Tom and the agent. “Your greed is shameful. Is she so ripe that you want her only for yourself?”

He was a tall man with a dark complexion. His eyes were a softened golden brown and in wide eye sockets he looked like some sort of a pit viper. He wore no body armor and in fact must have been the next man in line for the cabin as he was wearing just an undershirt and his pants. Not even a pair of shoes.

Tom froze. His face went white and the blood in his veins felt as though it had turned into sludge. He couldn’t breathe. He thought about starting the party early with a few rounds from the AK. Then a voice of reason.

“Compromised,” Agent Killeen spoke under her burqa and the cabin disintegrated. The fire from the blast rose high into the sky and splinters of wood pelted all three of them.

Several rounds ripped off from under the cloak killing the jihadi that stood before them. The sub machine gun was effective. He fell fast and clutched his chest. The wet sucking sound of the massive chest wound sickened Tom. He felt a tug on his collar as Agent Killeen pulled him towards the cover of the woods.

It had finally arrived. Though Tom Locke had come to terms with not leaving this mountain alive it hadn’t been completely absorbed. As the cabin smoldered behind him and the first of many dead fundamentalists lay on the ground he realized that the hourglass had just been flipped. Each bullet that flew was a grain of sand that counted his last moments on the planet.






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