Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXXV

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXXV

June 7, 2015 Tom Locke 0

Every Thursday here at stay tuned for another exciting chapter in Tom Locke’s story. Its not dystopian but, have mercy, its one man’s survival

  • The midday gallop of a trojan horse

Najair Ahmadi was born in America under devout Muslim parents. He was a brilliant young man who spent time in the Middle East visiting his grandparents once per year. Najair always kept a knee between his studies and religion. It was blasphemous, he knew that, but when he visited his the dusty streets of Iraq and watched the people he knew he was right. They could recite the Quran backwards but denied the existence of science. Najair was proud to praise Allah for all he had been awarded in this life. Still, his heart tightened when he saw the land of his roots so shackled to the words of one text.

The nightmarish life for women carried over into his own house hold. His father was followed his Quran just as his mother did. For Najair its seemed the more he learned from other pages the less portions of Quran held validity in his mind. The covering, the using, the beating of women. He refused to follow such a practice

Now he stood looking out at other women packaged for the use of the believer. He knew what Tom had done. He knew it was his best effort to spare at least one of these women. Behind that door Najair longed to know what of the conversation. At the same time he watched as the men circled the women and moved in swarming them.

Cutting the same angle as his fellow traveler Najair ran towards the women. He approached one being pulled in the opposite direction by a smaller man with nothing but a balled up fist to protect himself. Najair snatched at the burqua and pulled it in the opposite direction. The man turned around with ferocity in his eyes.

“I will gladly return her to you when I’m through but tonight, brother, she will see me first,” Najair spoke with a stone face and dead glare in his eyes. He was not intimidated by the man. This look was from a weak fanatic. Whoever takes a woman in such a manner must be among the weakest of men.

“Get the fu….”

Najair silenced the man with a lighting strike of an overhand right. It connected on a downward swing with his nose and slipped off onto his jaw. It jarred his chin into his chest and he disappeared into his own subconscious.

The beasts swarmed and hardly noticed the confrontation as there were no doubt others happening all around him. Najair tightened his grip on the woman and began to walk her towards a cabin by the back of the camp. He studied his periphery for someone else looking to steal the prize.

“Dont be afraid. I am not one of these villains. I am hiding among them. I have a friend here as well. We have to stop them. I am going to take you into this cabin and we are going to get you out of here. Safely.”

They walked quickly toward the door of the cabin. It creaked as it opened revealing a much cleaner room than the one Tom entered.

“Are you clothed under there? Listen. I am sure this has been hard on you. I am not one going to hurt you or do anything to you. I am not one of them.”

From the burqua came a muffled mans voice,”Good thing cuz neither am I.”

Out from under the burqua appeared a small man standing at 5’6 at the most built like brick wall. From head to toe dressed in tactical body armor.

“This is Agent Dunalp my master is secure but he is not the master I was expecting.”


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