Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXXIV

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXXIV

May 30, 2015 Tom Locke 0

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  • Bellona’s Agreement

When pulled into the subconscious of your mind time tends do very strange things. Rather your perception of time tends to change radically. Trudging through the muck of that dream state can be perceived as hours that are perfectly explained and ingested by your mind with the utmost of confidence. When in actuality your have only been unconscious for mere moments.

This familiar state gave way to the warm hum of reality as Tom Locke stepped back through the portal of consciousness. The room took form and the filthy bed brought on another bout of nausea. Still he was shocked to see the woman military garb with her gun in both hands. She stood very still and listened to the outside world

‘where is the woman in the burqa,’ Tom thought to himself without moving.

She looked back his way as though she heard his thoughts. and pointed the .45 at his head.

“If you make a sound or a move you’ll get your virgins. That I can guarantee you.”

She kept the gun on him for a moment to let the words sink in. Tom looked her over and was surprised at how petite she was. From black skullcap to polished combat boots she was just over 5 feet tall. She wore her special forces patch with honor If Tom was correct she was part of the Army Combined Applications Group. Though he wasnt sure how a woman that size could have made it through such rigorous training.

“This is agent Killeen my master is secure. Ready for orders,” She spoke in a low tone. It was lower than her threat to Tom.

That’s when he remembered how those thick soled boots appeared from under the burqa and turned the lights out on Tom just moments ago. His head began to thud at the thought of it and he felt the warmth on his face from where the boot had connected.

It was clear she was here to put a stop to this massacre planned for tonight. This gave Tom hope. Even if she did blow him away here and now. He knew she wasn’t here alone. There had to be other agents on this hellish mountain. Agent Killeen was communicating with someone else. Perhaps all of women in chains were part of this charade. Maybe they weren’t even all women.

Tom Locke walked to the top of this mountain as a dead man. Every minute that cost the rise and fall of his chest was a blessing. Thus he took yet another risk and against her orders he spoke.

“My name is Tom Locke. I don’t plan on leaving here alive but I would much rather die out there, fighting them.”


“M60 machine gun DF-SD-04-11436”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –


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