Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXXI

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXXI

April 30, 2015 Tom Locke 0

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  • The very worst of man

There are nebula in the in the universe that burst and rise in brilliant colors larger than our mind can comprehend. The purity of tropical oceans against virgin white beaches is a marvel to us all. No one can deny the great harvest moon hung low in the horizon orange like a Celestial jack’o lantern. Above these wonders sits a creator but not a God, an angel without wings, living art constructed of curved lines, soft textures and flowing hair. Behold the giver of life, the commander of beauty, nurturing kings and peasants. Behold woman.

The dust glimmered in the early sun and fell in slow motion. Atop the mountain camp of horrors things were only getting worse. The Islamic State in America or ISIA had hundreds of training facilities all over the country. Tonight they were spilling from their strongholds and into cities and quiet developments. Tonight they were planning to kill women, children and anyone who got in their way.

There were two brave men standinginside one of these camps on a mountain in West Virginia. They barely had a plan but had committed their lives to stopping this slaughter. Tom Locke and Najair stood as part of the group from which they once fled. Behind wrapped faces and machine guns they watched in horror as five women were carted out like cattle before the group of nearly one hundred men.

“Which of Allah’s brave soldiers needs a release before tonight?”

The crowd erupted again and several men stepped forward eagerly.

“Do you have to pay for these women? No. Do you have to marry these women? No. These women do not live for Allah. Therefore youtube ur cruelty and indifference to them will not be held against you. Take them! Use them! We need your best took night.”

Tom couldn’t believe things could get any worse. There were five women to be passed around by nearly 100 men. His stomach turned inside of him.

Their shackles were released and the men moved in. First fighting and grabbing at the women then battling each other for the first taste.

Tom began to shiver and sweat all at once. He wasn’t sure if he could watch this. He might blow his cover and spray the whole lot with gunfire.

“Whats wrong? You not interested in something sweet before tonight?” a man pushed his two fingers into Tom’s shoulder and followed his question up with a laugh.

Without hesitation Tom raised his rifle and squeezed four rounds off into the extremists chest and head. He dropped like a lead weight and the whole mountain went silent.






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