Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXVII

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXVII

April 6, 2015 Tom Locke 0

Every Thursday here at stay tuned for another exciting chapter in Tom Locke’s story. Its not dystopian but, have mercy, its one man’s survival

  • The first deception

Three days ago Tom Locke’s world was revolving around one thing. At this point there were few things that seemed as trivial. Commodities. Sales. Tom Locke made his living selling precious metals. Not paper gold or silver. Tom worked for himself buying and selling precious metals. These days the prices have been a bit volatile and Tom was flying home from one of the biggest sales of his career. The days that followed should have been filled with celebration.

Looking down the barrel of this loaded gun situation magnified how trivial Tom’s profession was. Rocks. He sold rocks that were dug out of the ground and pressed into bars and coins. These were rocks that represented some sort of strange value based on their rarity. Not until confronted with something as diabolical as head cutting hordes flooding American towns in the dead of night do these feelings take on meaning. In a matter of hours America would be under attack by the largest opposing force ever to take up arms on within the borders of the nation.

Tom in his red and white checkered scarf looked up the hill at the first group of men he would have to deceive. He couldn’t speak the language, he knew little of the culture but he was a salesman and now this was Tom’s most important sale to date.

They both had pistols brandished which was in their favor. The five men up the hill were all well armed. At this moment, however, the playing field was level due to the art of deception.

Up the hill the two men traveled.  Either into the razor sharp teeth of this monster or to glory. Death was something both men had come to terms with earlier in the night.

“I will lead,” Najair put his head down and whispered to Tom, “When the time is right we will kill all five of them.”

The words shattered Tom’s concentration.

“We want to make up this mountain right Najair?”

“Trust me Tom these men will turn their backs to us and we will walk down this mountain 10 yards and shoot them all in the back. This is war. We must terrorize them in the way they are preparing to terrorize us.”

As though he had a premonition mid step Najair paused and turned his head to look over his shoulder. Then he raised his hand and motioned for the five men to come down the hill. He squatted quickly and turned towards the opening of the woods from which they both came. Tom followed his lead and did the same as the five killers walked down the mountain behind them.


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