Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXIX

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXIX

April 16, 2015 Tom Locke 2

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  • mountain climb to cutting eyes

It took 314 cartridge designs and some of the most brilliant weapons designers in Russia to create the 7.62×39 cartridge. It was designed to worked In an array of weapons inckuding a semi automatic carbine, light machine gun and an assault rifle. NM Elizarov was the man behind the initial design. Though his round has filled the “enemies'” weapons for over 50 years it is one beautiful round.

Tom Locke swore he could see his bullets flying through the air. Rotating as they shot from the barrel. If Tom was imagining the hurtling bullets he most certainly recognized the crimson red rush from the bullet holes. This sanguine sea that pooled quickly in the dirt and rocks was a chilling reality. The men all fell fast. Shots to the spine and the back of the head ended them quickly.

“Let’s go! Grab clips and get up this mountain!” Najair exclaimed.

“All that shooting is bound to bring some our way,” Tom spoke simply to show Najair he understood the situation.

“They shot up our group and took off into the woods,” Najair laid out their alibi, “We are simply running in the direction after them.”

In actuality the two men were headed to the top of the mountain. They were headed back to the same Islamic camp that held them prisoner. The same camp that was plotting death. The same camp that was waiting for just the right moment to cut off Tom’s head a day ago. Back into the belly of the beast.

They had no plan for when they finally got there. Would it be guns blazing in a hail of glory? Or, would it be more strategic. The two of them would have to scale this breath taking landscape to cross the threshold of that death camp again. The forest was filled with men they would have to deceive. Good news was most of the men had very little physical description on the people they were looking for.

After about a quarter mile of moving up the steep incline and away from the bodies a voice shouted from the woods ahead of the.

“Hold on brothers!”

The two of them instinctively raised their rifles.

“Ahh! No hesitation it is truly what makes a great soldier for Allah.”

“Did you see them!”Najair acted “They shot our men and took off this way!”

“Do not worry so much brother. This cannot be undone. It is written, ” the man chuckled a bit as he walked into clear view from amongst the trees. His outfit was yet another tactical variation. Green vest over, black shirt that showed Arabic writing on either side of the vest. He was nothing short of crazy in the face. His eyes were scabbard laughing and talked right through you.

The man fired a few shots from his rifle into the air.

“They found our base on the border in Mexico today,” he laughed again, “they will pay for their drones and their excess tonight!”

He laughed and fired his gun into the air again. His sharp eyes cut right through Tom and Najair. They would have to navigate this challenge with some skill and tact.











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  1. Dave says:

    Please ,magazine not clips. They are two different things entirely. I love the story.Keep it coming.

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