Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXIV

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXIV

March 12, 2015 Tom Locke 0

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  • into the lions den


It was a new day though the horrific night seemed to blend into morning. The blood red sky had long passed and left behind wispy clouds hung along the beautiful teal sky like artwork on a foyer wall. The mountain was coming to life under the sunlight but there was no time to stop and take it all in.

Tom was still running.  It felt like he hadn’t stopped running.  From the moment he met Najair he had been running and killing. Killing and running to stay alive. There is a very nauseating feeling that comes over you after you kill. As the last semblance of life drains out what once was a living, breathing human being you are overcome. What’s worse? Knowing that around the shadowy corners of the near future you would have to do it again.

As they passed the glass of a few tired homes along this street Tom caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. With dried blood on his head, to who it belonged he didn’t know and a garb dusty with mountain soil and sweat now toting an AK47 he looked terrible. He looked more like those from which he was fleeing. Through the mountain town Tom and Najair ran both of them looking like terrorists in their own right.

That’s when it hit him! They were running in the wrong direction. They could never make it down this mountain in time. They could hit a few residents of the mountain along the way but how much could that affect. Not to mention they were running for their lives and it was only a matter of time before their luck ran out. What would local police say? What would a news outlet believe when a story like this came frantic from the side of a mountain in West Virginia? Brittle credibility to say the least.

“Ho, ho, hold on,” Tom spoke and put his arm out slowing down the pace.

“Najair,” He weezed a bit, “We are going the wrong way.”

“What are you saying Tom? Let’s get going before we are gunned down. We have an important message to deliver!” Najair said frantically pulling on Tom’s shirt.

“To who? We can’t take main roads now. They will be looking for us. We have to go back up the mountain. We have circle back to those bodies. Cover our heads and get back to the top of that mountain. There has to be some sort of communications up there. You can tell them it’s a raw deal and they have to call it off. Call the murder off.”

“What if they don’t call it off?”

“What if we run down this damned mountain and they don’t call it off. What if we get gunned down in another half mile? This is the best option we have Najair!”

It was quiet for a moment and the engine in Najair’s mind burned incessantly.

“We must be very careful and more importantly you must follow my actions, exactly. It is very important that you do as I do in their presence. These men are fanatics and it’s easy to spot a laid back American in their midst. “


In that moment it was settled. They were headed back to the lion’s den. The top of that mountain an answer or a grave. The thought of these Radical Muslims streaming into towns across America to behead and rape or worse was simply too much to bare.

Their worst enemy at the moment was the sun. It burned away and threatened this whole endeavor. It peered at them with its wide burning eye beckoning them to race the day.


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