Tom Locke: Surviving Today XX

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XX

February 12, 2015 Tom Locke Uncategorized 0

Our World turns each and every moment. It turns and the sun rises and falls. It turns yet we don’t notice it. It took radical, criminal thought from Galileo for man to grasp this concept. Mostly because we simply don’t notice it. If it took us 20 minutes each morning to adjust to the earths spinning perhaps it would have been discovered much earlier.

Tom Locke looked on and realized this takeover was similar to the spinning of the earth. The rise and fall of a radicalism, a radicalized religion. It was just a shadow in the night. Deaths by the thousands but oceans and seas away. The media proclaimed “this is not Islam!” and “small lone wolf attacks” words like “organization” and “shooter” and “groups” laced the airwaves. These words and the actions of a bought political system assured that the American people were completely unaware that the earth was spinning on a sceptre sharpened for the infidel.

“I don’t care if this hot dog were made out of ground up children. It has to be the best meal I have ever had,” Tom proclaimed in the soft light of the gas station convenient store.

“Local pigs and cows from a farm down the hill. Much better than your typical quick stop hot dog, huh?” The owner, who became known as Ali, spoke proudly.

“This structure,” Tom looked around the small store while swigging a root beer, “This is gift from god.”

Najair said nothing and worked on a small bag of fruit and nut granola. He drank a sports drink and though they didn’t exchange words he could feel Tom’s eyes on him every once and a while. If he had to guess what Tom was thinking it would sound something like this, “just eat some damn pork! Some fatty pork that can induce cardiac arrest! We may be Washington Irving characters before the day is out!’ This made him smirk a bit as he chewed on a handful of almonds.

This calm that had fallen over the group was only temporary. Still it was certainly necessary. There had been no time to counter all they had been through tonight. Still sleepless the two men would just have to push through this.

“We must dig for the militias, social media and only news outlets we can trust. This is not a great war room so we will have to relocate. They will be down the mountain soon asking questions.”

“Do they just run this area? They come down out of them mountain like dictators?”

“The cops are afraid of them, Tom. When we contact the Feds they never show. Its been this way a while. I talk to several communities in the country that are in the same boat. We will be hit the hardest. They are going to come down that mountain like a tidal wave.”

The four of them sat in the dimly lit convenient store and mulled over processed foods and soft drinks. They were looking for an answer. For the answer.




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