Tom Locke: Surviving Today XIX

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XIX

February 8, 2015 Tom Locke 0

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  • The gas pumping Oracle 

“You Americans are afraid of everything.”

The man spoke through the window of the pickup. He didn’t have a gun, a saber or even a small dull knife. He looked upon the two of them with a concerned eye. Obviously he could tell they were frightened. Tom himself understood that he was building quite  comfortable bed for the PTSD to settle in.

“Shirley tells me you have met the monsters at the top of the mountain. The air is thick with their hatred. What they have done to my religion. I sell gas and chips but in the back of my gas station I have enough firepower to level that entire mountain.”

“Ok. Ok. Ok,” Tom interrupted,” listen to me very carefully. the evil up on that mountain is on its way down. A domestic battle like nothing America has ever seen is coming in just one days time. The country must be warned. The police, hell, the army needs to be notified!”

The woman Tom now knew as Shirley, the woman who saved his life, raised her hand up to his mouth. She was requesting silence. For some reason Tom obeyed and when he looked over to Najair his teammate nodded in agreement.

“This is not some fluke, young men. This not your typical suicide bombing. This attack is decades in the making. Politicians, military, even the larger local police stations across the country will move very slowly tomorrow night. They have all been paid handsomely to do so. Again. This is not the Boston Bombing. Tomorrow night will be slaughter. It will be a slaughter that starts a war on America’s soil. The war.”

Najair looked on with his mouth hanging open. It felt like a movie to Tom. It felt like all of this was ready to come to curtain call and maybe it was.


“You were to afraid too look the monster in its eyes. We were too afraid. Now the monster has become so powerful it will attack freely. Political correctness. Living for the moment over the past two decades. Clocks run out. Reality will be at the doorstep tomorrow night with an AK in one hand and a dull blade in the other.”



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