Tom Locke: Surviving Today XIII

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XIII

December 11, 2014 Tom Locke 0

Every Thursday here at stay tuned for another exciting chapter in Tom Locke’s story. Its not dystopian but, have mercy, its one man’s survival.


  • Shooting Stars and Fallen Angels


Do you really know the man you are? Really. Deep down. Take away all the safeguards and the societal limitations. Take away your security. Remove the mask that makes you acceptable to society for deep down we are all terrified to reveal our true intentions. When your eyes bulge and white hot lead is hurtling in your general direction you learn alot about who you really are.

The spot lights shot up the mountain first followed quickly by scattered gunfire that chipped away at the rock above them. Najair ducked and motioned to the right side of the rock face. He wanted seperate and attack from two directions instead of being a smaller isolated target. Najair was a smart guy. If they made it off of this mountain. Tom would like to have some tea and a good ripe peach with Najair.

For now, though, it was about keeping the heart beating.

Tom bolted to the right side of the cliff flinching at the sound of the gunfire. He was outside of the gunfire range and in moments he had put some space between himself and the spotlights. Of course even the most ignorant religious extremist would understand that these beacons of light turned these men into brilliant targets. They went black.

At that moment he saw the flash of a gun from across the forest. Najair was good. He put another down. They turned his way and shined a light in the direction of the flash. Then opened fire.

Tom knew what this mean. The remaining three men were intently focused on Najair. It was both his duty to provide his accomplice with relief and to take a few of these bastards off the planet. Send them squealing into their sick virgin fantasy.

He corrected his stance and lined up his aim. The shot was louder in the silent forest. As soon as the man fell he moved quickly into the woods. Towards Najair he ran through bushes and thickets. He wanted to meet up with him quickly to see if he had been hurt in the last hail of gunfire.

Running fast and dangerous he met with a solid body just behind a large oak.

“Najair, you ok man?”

A rifle butt grazed his shoulder and as he looked up. It was not Najair. This was a flanking soldier from the party. The rifle butt landed again this missing completely. It was dark and things were about to get a lot darker for one of them.



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