Tom Locke: Surviving Today XII

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XII

December 6, 2014 Tom Locke 0

Every Thursday here at stay tuned for another exciting chapter in Tom Locke’s story. Its not dystopian but, have mercy, its one man’s survival

  • A cliffside gunfight or chamber your courage

Sleep came in small and uncomfortable increments. It was accompanied by strange or horrific dreams that made it even harder to consider closing tbe eyes again. Najair seemed trapped in some sort of hell in his subconscious mind. He would moan and groan each time he drifted off. Tom had not asked him how long he spent chained to that floor like an animal. How long was he held hostage by the Islamic State in America.

Tom sat up out of frustration and soreness. He felt more tired now than before they had both quieted down and crossed the threshold of sleep. The song produced by the creatures of these cool woods was calming. It was the only thing keeping him calm. In fact, had he not this night song to focus on Tom would be forced to go over the horrors since boarding that terrible flight.

A large branch busted a few hundred feet up the cliff. It immediately cleared the tired haze that clouded his mind. Suddenly he was wide awake and his senses were sharp as a katana.

Another snap. Closer this time. Could be a deer.

Tom shook Najair who seemed to be just at the surface of sleep as well. His eyes opened unaffected as though they had recovered from a mere blink. He didn’t look scared or surprised.

“Hey, there is somebody close. I heard two steps closing in on us.”

“They cannot possibly know we are here, Tom. Remain quiet and deep in the shadows. They could carry on right by us.”

It was in that moment the familiar glare reflecting light appeared on the large tree that sat just outside of the rock face. They had flashlights!

“Of course they have lights. We are dead if we stay here Najair.”

The consistent snapping and moving of brush was audible now and even voices were discernable. These men were either not trained to move quietly through the woods or were acting as dogs flushing deer.

Tom was ready to flush.

The shadow of the first man came into view off the right side of their shelter. His light was pointed down towards the valley. Four more dark figures headed down the mountain with just reflecting light making them visible.

Tom sighed. Not too loud but he sighed as the last man passed. Najair celebrated in a much different way. He got to his feet walked to the cliff edge.…

“Najair. What the hell are you doing?” Tom spoke through an angry whisper.

……brandished his weapon and shot the last man to pass in the back of his well lit head.

“If we don’t fight tonight we die tonight,” Najair was not whispering and he let another round off down the mountain


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