Tom Locke: Surviving Today XI

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XI

November 20, 2014 Tom Locke 0

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  • An explanation of faith and reason


A still night in the elements is deceptive. Though Tom and Najair had huddled under a cliff that was blocking most of the high winds it was still so cold. The occasionally draft would creep in and the two would shiver violently. There wouldn’t be much sleep tonight.

“There is greatness in his way, Tom. I know those atop this mountain have taken the Qu’ran and raped it. Turned it into a justification of murder and conquest but believe me there is greatness in the way of Allah.”

“Don’t know much about ‘the way’ Najair. However, it seems to a commoner that ‘the way’ has led me into the side of a mountain to freeze to death with one of his people. I am not feeling too good about that right now.”

Najair sensed the anger in his voice. It was that common, cynical tone of a man who had seen only the horror his holy book could produce. A man who saw only the wrong path to Allah. The violent and barbaric path.

“Jesus healed, saved, preached and died for us all, that’s that story. Muhammad was the voice of an oppressed group of migrants who then became their leader in battle when his people were forced out of Mecca, forced out of a way of life. He became a guerilla general, Tom. I understand how my religion can be read. I understand that it can be used as a means to conquer in the name of Allah. Muslims affect great change all over the world.”

Tom looked over at this man who was at the end of his life hours ago. He was chained to the floorboards and beaten. Still he held no harsh words for his God or his religion. Perhaps he was looking at a portrait of Christianity yet in another form. Or maybe Najiar was just a damned brainwashed fool.

“He won many great battles. He focused on learning the political structure and strengthening his troops. He grew in power just as any other man but he was inextricably linked to Allah. I put my faith in such a man and, forgive me, I scoff a bit at the mystical powers of Jesus.”

The religious banter kept their minds off the cold mountain air that was threatening their lives. They wouldn’t dare light a fire and make it easier for their hunters to find them. The smoke, the light could lead these wolves right to them. Instead they would shiver on and pray for the sun.




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