Tom Locke: Surviving Today V

Tom Locke: Surviving Today V

September 18, 2014 Tom Locke 0

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  • The face of faith and terror


In the dank cabin that housed at least one other prisoner Tom Locke was chained to a ring in the ground. Captive. He had never walked these dark alleys of his mind. Never so close to surrender. Though he had his share of hardships Death’s scythe had never swung so close to his swollen vitals.

In adolescence when the wind shakes your home or a thump resounds from the depths of your house there is always that familiar fear. As the handle on the door turned before them something much deeper than fear began to course through his body. Panic and absolute terror along with the realization that these could in fact be his last moments. Adrenaline shocked his system to the point it was almost painful. Though he knew no amount of energy he could muster was going to break the chain that binded him to the floor.

The door opened slowly and a man stepped in with coverings on his face. Behind him the silhouette of two more men were sitting outside in the daylight.

“What the hell is going on here!?”

Tom screamed out before he realized what he was saying.

The man who opened the door walked with heavy boot steps right at Tom. His heart was thudding hard all the way up to his throat. If ever there were a loud mouth in which you thought to make an example of he just became that mouth.

“You want to know what the hell is going here?”

The man’s voice was muffled by the cloth covering his face but clearly Middle Eastern.

“The end. The end of the West and its oppression to Allah’s people and world.”

He bent down to Toms level.

“YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!” He screamed and spat fury into Tom’s face and then laughed a bit with broken blood vessels in his eyes.

“Hell, Yankee, hell is exactly what’s going on. The story that you’ve seen play out oceans and seas away for all these years is here. Well the players have always been here I guess what I should say is the curtain is about to be raised. Yes. It will be raised and thanks to the lack of favor shown to you by Allah you are going to play a large part on opening night.”

Again surprising himself Tom reach up and grabbed a handful of the man’s mask.

“You’re cavemen! Scared little cavemen that won’t…..” He was cut off quickly as the man flipped Tom on his stomach and pulled his right arm around his back. He felt a heavy knee leaning against his spine.”

The sound of the two men piling into the room behind him caused his survival instinct to kick in and he wriggled under the weight. It wasn’t until he felt the cold blade against his neck that he began to again cooperate.

“Listen closely. I will tell you how it’s all going to begin.”


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