Tom Locke: Surviving Today VI

Tom Locke: Surviving Today VI

September 25, 2014 Tom Locke 0

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  •  a plan for film and fear

With great force impeding his ability to move, a cold steel blade on his neck and a mountain away from the rest of the world Tom Locke had no choice but to listen. Shackled to a cabin floor somewhere deep in the mountains of West Virginia he was held captive by with at least one other man. At this moment however he was being assaulted by his captures and the gory details of their plans for America were being unveiled.


“….the time for bombs and planes is over. We have grown into a network now. While you pitiful Americans danced around political correctness we were allowed to do, say and achieve whatever we had to. This attack will come from all corners of the country. We have cells everywhere. You made it this way by killing our women and children.”


“Is this radical Islam? What are you trying to achieve? Weak as we may be you know our military forces will snuff you out once you reveal yourselves,” Tom’s voice was hours and straining under the weight of his captor.


“There isn’t a compound in this country that can keep us out now. We wont strike military targets. Two nights from this one our forces will infiltrate residential areas in nearly every state in the nation. Under the cloak of night we will break into homes, torture, rape and ravage as much of the security you Americans believe you have. There won’t be a police force in existence that can handle the firepower, skills or sheer numbers that we will present. It will be as if we appeared out of nowhere. There aren’t walls high enough to keep us out.”


Tom said nothing. Could it all be a bluff? Moreover, the idea that one man’s luck could be so bad was bothering him even more. How did he wind up on this mountaintop? Alive. Tom also couldn’t help but here the frightening whispers in the back of his head. That inner conscience that spoke the obvious and most frightening part of all this, he would never make out of this thing.

The voice from the corner of the room called out as dark as the corner it came from, “You better hope I never see the light of day again you coward throwbacks. If I get out of these shackles I will beat you to death with them. Go back to your sandpit and terrorize the people there. GO BACK!! LEAVE US THE HELL OUT OF YOUR HOLY WAR!”

One of the men walked quickly into the dark corner. There was a thud and then silence. No doubt a silencing strike from the rifle butt.

“Your going to be a star! Not like this filth in the corner. You, my friend, have stumbled into fame.”

On of the men behind the leader produced a large smart phone with a tremendous light that scorched Tom’s eyes.

“You know, by now, what happens next don’t you. Allah has not shown you favor and for that I pity you.”

Tom started to writhe and fight.

“Wait. Wait! What is this going to prove! How will you gain in this!”

His heart began to race wildly again. This time he thought it was death knocking on the door of his soul. ‘What a way to go,’ he thought to himself.

The light moved in closer….







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