Tom Locke: Surviving Today

Tom Locke: Surviving Today

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Every Thursday here at stay tuned for another exciting chapter in Tom Locke’s story. Its not dystopian but, have mercy, its one man’s survival

  • A mountain top dusting of fragments and fire

Packed hot and full of angry delayed customers this flight was quickly becoming a horror story. An initial two-hour layover turned into a little over six. When door shut Tom Locke knew this cab was not the only thing that would be under vicious pressure.

Trapped between two other angry passengers he was just glad there was space for his carry on. He was nearly the last to board an already packed flight.

Somehow as the wind dug under the wings and the plane took to the air the cab quieted down. The angry talk the conversations of new friends or acquaintances built on a six-hour delay ceased. Tom thought it a bit eerie as though that same thought in his head was echoed in the other hundred plus passengers.

Every time that giant aircraft would lift off the run way it was magic. It would cause the world below it to shrink before turning its hull like some giant metal hawk. The idea that we were drawn exclusively by horse less than 200 years was hard to comprehend when speeding through the air nearly a mile up.

The plane began to ascend on their flight from Orlando to West Virginia. Tom Locke tilted his head back, closed his eyes and like a leashed dog was led around by his subconscious.

He dreamt of an old dish washing job he had in college. It was loud and busy. He was struggling to keep up. Aimee Keegan, this beautiful irish waitress with emeralds for eyes, was calling him to the laundry room but there was no time for that kind of fun in this dream. He was in a rush and had books to buy for next semester Still, her blazing red hair was on his mind and she called him.

“remain calm”

She beckoned him from the laundry room. One of the few doors that locked in the restaurant and a place that most the young college kids wound up when things got a little hot and heavy. It was a whisper at first but grew to shrill scream.


Her smooth skin like pearls spread across her blood and bone by god himself.

Tom Locke was rocked out of sleep by a howling passenger jet and a frantic voice over the speaker.

“everyone remain calm get your masks on!“

People were screaming and crying. He looked out the window and saw mountains. They were barely missing these mountains! The plane was going down fast. Before he could diagnose the problem or even come to grips with it…….


First the world went out from under him and shook more violently than anything he had experienced before. The the lights went out.

Tom woke up a few yards from what was left of the plane. He was dizzy and didn’t move for a few moments. The sky was doing magnificent things that he blamed on the concussion.

It was early fall but it was cold and the sun was on its way down.

Sitting up slowly he looked over the fiery wreckage. The plane was twisted much like an old beer can. Some of it was on fire and gave off a nice warmth as he worked his way to his feet. Stumbling he made his way around the hull to look for survivors.

Suddenly he realized without his EDC he would be helpless. He moved his hands quickly through his pockets to feel for his giant key ring. He kept it all on there. The weight of the situation lessened when he pulled out the large golden key ring lined with various unassuming items. This was his EDC or every-day-carry. This could be his life depending on how long he would have to wait for help.

There wasn’t much noise as he circled the craft, shouting.

“Anybody else out here?!?”

He would spend the next 10 minutes searching the wreckage until he began to lose his balance. He decided tonight to curl up under a large piece of the hull. There were less dead here than anywhere else. To keep his mind off the situation and the spinning world that was threatening his consciousness he pulled out his key ring again to do a little inventory.

Item #1 a small solid metal whistle………

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  1. nowayelway says:

    Locke is repeated several times, only need his full name once, in the opening paragraph.
    “bone by god himself.” God should be capitalized.

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