This is the Blueprint for a Dynamic Prepper Fitness Program

This is the Blueprint for a Dynamic Prepper Fitness Program

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It is early in the evening. The long day is leaning on me. The kids are too loud  and the wife is unhappy.

The house is a mess but we still have one more mountain to climb.

There is a pit in my stomach and the only thing that’s giving me solace is that my wife is right there with me. Its time for fitness. Its time for our trek to the gym, to crush weights and run miles to keep our bone and blood machines working at their optimum.

I don’t want but I need it. That’s the case for most of us when it comes to fitness.

As we move closer to the next year I want to give you my revised prepper fitness program. This is an evolution of processes and workouts that allow me to maintain myself with a great balance for what I demand of my body. Hopefully you can use this or some of this to create your own fitness success in the future.

Remember, its not a diet or a program, its a lifestyle.

If you attempt to start working out with the ferocity and anger that I do, just understand that I have worked up to this point in my life and it will hurt if you try to jump right into all of it.


rather than be insecure about a guy like Dwayne Johnson I let his work ethic fuel my own.

It all starts with inspiration. If you are building a fitness lifestyle it must be awash in inspiration. This has been one of my greatest keys to success when it comes to fitness. You can get motivation from all sorts of places in your daily life. I derive motivation from the following.

  • Music
  • Art
  • Pictures
  • Others Hard Work
  • Enemies
  • Failures


Real success comes from showing up and doing the work. You don’t have to have the best session of your life every time but if you show up and put forth the effort you will be surprised at how much better you feel. Your body will thank you as well.

Its important to understand that a lifestyle of fitness is about much more than just lifting heavy weights and getting stronger. In fact, this is a very small part of my week. I started scheduling my week on Sunday nights after listening to Joe Rogan talk about how he schedules his workouts. I really like the idea of knowing exactly what needs to get done in the coming week. I do not attribute these items to specific days because I like the wiggle room.

In other words, Monday is not bench press day. Instead my schedule for the week looks more like this.


These are basic lift programs that I run a couple miles before executing. I stretch after the run as well and then get to work. I do these workouts in conjunction with the Strong Lifts app which has made me much stronger by tracking progress.


To me cardio is the most important part of my week. Cardio lends itself to my lifestyle. I need the gas tank to keep up with my family and my goals.

I run in a few different ways. I most often listen to prepper podcasts or other entertainment while I run. This allows me to learn and work at the same time.

  • I do hill sprints which are just what they sound like. Run fast up a hill and take about a minute break before your next one. I usually do between 5-8 of these before jogging a half mile to cool down.
  • I try to get a 5 mile run in once a week as well.
  • I also do a shorter 2 mile run before I lift weights or work the heavy bag.


The ability to move your body is huge. I rarely ever get injured and when I do its never sever. I attribute this to my mobility. Kareem Abdul Jabar took Yoga through his career and claimed that his lack of injury was do to his flexibility as well. Yoga is crucial and the older you are the more you should do it. It just pulls you apart and allows you to move the way you should.


I am either hitting the heavy bag for 1 20 minute round with a 5 min warmup round or I am going 5x5minute rounds. The heavy bag is a cardio workout that really helps you develop your striking ability.

I would need a whole post to discuss kettlebells if you are interested I can do a show or post on the subject. It can be very dangerous if you don’t get the whole picture.

That is six workouts and that is my week. To achieve all of this I need about 4.5 hours out of my entire week! This is not a great sacrifice of time 


Where are you going with all of this work? What are your goals. You gotta have some serious goals in place in order to keep pushing the pace. These goals can be weight oriented, hiking distance or even health related. What is most important about goals is their existence. It doesn’t matter how silly or shallow they are. Right them down and look them over. I use a Trello board to track milestones and goals for my business and fitness. I fail on some and achieve on others. Its all part of it.


Your ability to move, to get down on the floor and back up and to keep the body from hunching and seizing up is a huge part of successfully aging. While strength is important to me I am always spending more time stretching or doing functional exercises that promote mobility like kettlebells. While being strong is great you do not want to sacrifice your ability to move quick and effectively for strength. We live in an age of firearms. With good cardio, good aim and mobility you will be able to answer the call in a survival situation.


Kettlebell Swing

Pull Ups


Hill Sprints


You will get sore. Then you will get used to it. Eat right, sleep right and stretch. Don’t workout like a MERCENARY once a month.


Working out has to become part of your day. It has to become a part of your week and your month. A partner helps but, really, you must do it. Even if you are not preparing for some cataclysm the science shows that physical health is critical in living a fulfilling life without disease.

In the same way that you eat dinner or go to bed at 11pm you must also integrate a certain amount of fitness into your week. It has to become a part of your life. You must also be constantly questioning the things you are doing and why you are doing them. What are the benefits. Do not be afraid to change a routine, exclude or add something.

Add Self Reliance to your Workout 

  1. Hike with a heavy pack and a field guide
  2. Run with a great prepper podcast in your ear
  3. Learn a martial art and practice it on the heavy bag
  4. Chop your own wood





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