The When

The When

September 21, 2012 Uncategorized 0

When? This is the question. We will fall deeply into this thought daily. Could it be tomorrow or could it be after the election? Could it be decades away? Will this tiny thread that holds our world together surprise us all with its resiliency. Is there even a chance we could last another century? No one could ever know. Will it hit like a megaton bomb? Or will it cover us slowly like the  warmth of death.

It’s why we wake up and scan the internet for information. Its the reason we push ourselves to learn more each day. It’s the reason why we haven’t  got a birthday present in so many years. Instead telling the family to buy strange implements and freeze dried foods. The reason we stay up late at night trying to figure out how we have fallen so far as a country, a people. Its the reason we stand over our children as they sleep, wiping our tears and praying to god to hold it together long enough that they may know a good life. The ‘when’ drives us.

You understand it is best we do not know. It is best we err on the side of caution. Better we do all we can now. Sometimes a purchase is just about helping you think clearly or sleep at night. If we must learn these skills and store this food to put ourselves at ease then so be it. You can’t eat an IPhone 5. There is reason we aren’t pulled towards these pop culture interests. We see things others do not. Understand that makes us no better than them. It simply means we have even more work to do.

Imagine a man leading a party of others over a mountain top blizzard yet the leader is the only one with goggles. Would it not be his duty to pull the stragglers back on course. We must keep those around us on course. Nudge them every now and then. You see there will come a time for each and everyone when the blizzard will stop and they will see as clear as day. If you let them stray they may succumb to the elements, or worse, they may find there way back; this time wearing the face of an enemy.

There is only one way that ‘when’ wont matter. That being our ability to come out of our shells and instead of falling into our isolationist attitudes we must work hard to prepare the world. Pull together your community and get people growing food. Start a community garden, flock, hen house. It will be our ability to lean on one another that will prevent us from leaning on an oppressive government, home based or otherwise. Teach classes in your community about self reliance. If you are not a people person start a self reliance newsletter that can be delivered to mailboxes or doorsteps twice a month or each week.

The lot of you are built of great minds. I know what I am asking goes against a lot of what you believe but please take a few under your wing now while they are allies or the day will arrive when they become enemies.

If you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s you will see horror in your lifetime. Hopefully, it will not touch your community. Heaven forbid it does, be prepared but if your pantry is the only one stocked it makes you target. If you’re pantry is one among a hundred you will be an equal. The question lingers. It burns in us it motivates us. Just give it respect, carry on and remember it is not an if but a when.





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