The Weasle on the Woodpecker’s Back

The Weasle on the Woodpecker’s Back

March 4, 2015 thoughts Uncategorized 0

I awake this morning and for some unknown reason I decided to turn on the local news and I see 5 lost souls staring back at me. They are all sitting in a row like some sort of freakish firing squad staring at me. Begging me to leave their news station on so they may get paid. For a brief second I pity them as they metamorphosis in my eyes again from lost souls to puppets. They are puppets and only their top halves are shown above the desk. Their faces are covered by synthetic makeups to cover who they really are. God knows no one can make it in local news with a solid opinion.

Finally I get to the crux of what it is the 5 news anchors are talking about. In London, the land of Jihadi John, someone took a picutre of a weasle rididing a woodpecker. A land where the most popular boy name is Muhammad, fact, they are out taking pictures of weasles and birds.

No better the American public is eating the stuff up like tres leches cake. We are busy arguing over the color of a dress on social media and which running back should go to which football team, Madonna fell, and the only villians in our land are those mean men with badges. The only coarse words the public has are for the few men that protect us all.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has been diverting emails in the same way the IRS, no doubt, was through a personal email account in her home. This protects her from producing those emails when

The president wants all your money to pay for the health care of the criminal that is suing the police for doing their job. He wants your guns. He is taking your bullets. He was too busy to listen to one of the greatest leaders on the planet speak.

Wheres that leave you? You toil. Day in and day out you work your ass off to make it in America, pardon me, to make America. You are like a woodpecker in that regard digging food out of a dead oak to feed your family. You too have a weasel digging its claws into your back. I will let you decide who that is.


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