The prepared community and why its so important

The prepared community and why its so important

June 10, 2013 Uncategorized 0

If you have ever heard the show I Am Liberty than you know how I feel about the power of community. I mean let’s be honest the more of us that are prepared for the storms ahead, both figuratively and literally, the easier a track to recovery we will have. I always assume the worst of those who do not have access to what they need. Put yourself in their place, especially the parents out there. If you realize that you have made a detrimental mistake in keeping your family safe and full you will go to great lengths to redeem yourself. Maybe violent and terrible lengths to assure you don’t make a mistake like that again.

I would like to make a bold statement now and hopefully you can understand how important it is to have those around prepared. In a situation of calamity where resources are limited any person who is reaching desperation becomes either a liability or a threat. Take a look around at your neighbors do you want to have to make that diagnosis?

So maybe more important than the why is the question of how. I understand that our society has been socially distorted into believing that only minimal human interaction is necessary. For you younger readers stop for a second and imagine a world where all of the kids in a neighborhood were forced out of their homes after breakfast and would not willingly return until hunger forced them in. Imagine a town where neighbors reprimanded kids all over the streets some their own and some not, most importantly the parents didn’t mind. This is what life was like in American communities for a long time. Only recently have we degraded into the society of shut ins.

There are several ways you could take the beginning steps of preparing on a community level. My favorite resource to offer you, naturally, is Rerooting America is a movement about rebuilding that lost connection between neighbors. The best part about the Reroot movement is that it works through initiatives that create self-reliance in your community. Things like bartering and community gardening are great community activities yet in a time of need could create incredible opportunity to decrease dependence on resources that may simply not be available.

As my buddy, and fellow Rerooter, Mike said on the I Am Liberty show last week, “You can’t just knock up on your neighbor’s door and tell them an asteroid is going to crash into the earth. So you better get your $#!* together!” This is going to get you black listed in the neighborhood. You can forget about being tapped to head up the community yard sale.

It’s important that you be reasonable and that you understand that people have a lot going on and a lot to worry about. When you confront them with a hello and even more to worry about it they shut down. So we have to find better ways to reach that same goal of community preparedness while easing our friends and neighbors into reality.

Rerooting America is just as much about improving the quality of life for those individuals involved as it is strengthening this great country.  Through initiatives like, community gardening, alternative energies, barter, timebanks and even the inclusion of precious metals in your civic dues, you can engage the minds of the people in your neighborhood without the gas mask.

Can I talk for a moment on just how much better your life gets when you grow food, share it and feed it to your kids. Yesterday my son and I were weeding my garden at home; he is two so he wasn’t help much. He plucked a young carrot out of the garden; I grow the short and sweets. Automatically he knew what it was and wanted to eat it. We washed it off and he went to town.  In contrast there are kids that I have met that are 9 and 10 years old that have no idea how or where a carrot comes from. Scary.

If I could top this article off by saying there are very few fun, cheap, legal things left to do in this country. There is also just a small window of time that a generation can make a difference in their countries future. Voting is simply not enough anymore.  Wouldn’t you like to be a part of the generation that shook America off and brought her back to the forefront of the world? We can generate power through this movement. ‘On my show I often say ‘America is the main event.’ As we go so does the world. Let them get a glance of our powerful, independent and prepared communities and you will see a movement that will change the game.

Visit the Reroot USA website to learn more about the movement and get ideas or share them on our Forum!

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