The police don’t need sensitivity training they need jiu jitsu

The police don’t need sensitivity training they need jiu jitsu

April 29, 2015 thoughts 0


Across the country there are small gyms filled with incredibly intelligent and dedicated tacticians. Men and women that look just like the rest of us as they rush here and there. What you should understand is that if they were to reach out and grab you they could pop a bone or cut the blood off to your brain in seconds.

They practice Brazilian jiu jitsu. It’s a grappling discipline that relies heavily on leverage and a rapidly growing martial art. Of course it’s inclusion in MMA has a lot to do with its popularity but there is much more to it than that. There is a comradery on the mat. There has to be because you spend an hour trying to choke each other.


Jiu jitsu cuts through all the layers we develop in our misguided attempts to fit into society. It’s much like jumping into the latter rounds of a boxing match when true character is exposed. The layers fall away and within minutes it’s very clear that the man with his arms or legs around your neck could kill if he wanted to. The agro atmosphere disappears and you’re left with respect.

I have rolled with blue belts, smaller than me who have completely incapacitated me within seconds. It’s so impressive to meet a person who is simply an expert at manipulating the human body. Within seconds of cutting the flow of blood off to the brain you are asleep. Then you wake up for the hum of unconsciousness and realize two things you should have tapped sooner and you are at the complete mercy of your partner.

You understand now when I say the police don’t need body cameras or sensitivity training. They need to become high level Brazilian jiu jitsu tacticians.

Let’s be honest the less than lethal weapons are not as effective as we would like. The lethal weapons have been a little too effective as of late. Worse still are these scuffles with multiple officers flailing and swinging their arms. It all looks very ineffective.This is where being able to quickly and safely manipulate a man’s body into a position you require is so crucial.

I am proposing jiu jitsu immediately become part of ongoing training for police officers. They should roll three times a week at least. This day and age our cops should be able to deal with an individual who is resisting arrest without winding up on the nightly news.  If we really wanted to go out on a limb they could roll at a local Jiu jitsu school. It’s not a new idea


You see when you roll or spar you get choked and tapped by big strong guys and little frail girls. You will get tapped by black people, white people, and every shade in between. It’s an incredibly humbling experience that police, who are under unimaginable pressures, would benefit from. If not simply from the efficiency of handling criminals then from the mental and physical decompression that goes along with jiu jitsu.

We need answers to this problem. It’s not a brick through a shoe store and it’s not a body camera or a speech by the crooked Al Sharpton. My proposal is very clear and there are many who would back it. The police need to include weekly jiu jitsu in their training for handling these twisted minds that think it beneficial to resist arrest.



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