The Invasion is Happening Now

The Invasion is Happening Now

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Of course we all would like to think that the greatest threat in our porous borders is annoying some old white men who don’t want brown men in “their” country. Despite the incredible costs that come with an influx of uneducated, unskilled workers with families. The cultural imbalance and challenge of managing folks that simply don’t want to learn the language. Though I shouldn’t fane these issues as less than serious. When we talk about true current threats the border is an open wound for the current invasion.

I know. I know. There are so many paranoid androids out there just buying into one conspiracy after another. The fact is this is far from a conspiracy. One of our biggest issues in the near future will disseminating those issues that have long been part of the conspiracy wheel from those issues that are finally coming into full phase.


This from CBS NEWS:

The United States projects a record 4,000 immigrants from so-called “high risk” countries in the Middle East and Asia, will be arrested trying to enter the country illegally this year. Far more will get through. Add to that Mexico’s recent seizures of high powered weapons, including rocket launchers found in Tijuana, and U.S. officials fear a troubling new threat on our porous southern border, reports CBS News correspondent Bill Whitaker. “If it’s so simple for an uneducated, impoverished laborer to come across the border, think about how much easier it is for a highly trained, well financed terrorist,” warns T.J. Bonner, president of the Border Patrol union.




Use your imagination for a moment. It’s been a long holiday weekend. You traveled with your family to see relatives out of town. Perhaps your vehicle is filled with luggage and gifts from family. Speeding down the highway and headed back home you joke and laugh about the wonderful weekend. About your Aunts delicious baked apples and your cousin’s goofy laugh.

Suddenly traffic stacks up in front of you and you hear a loud concussive succession in the near distance, like gunfire. Traffic halts now and you even see a few cars in reverse along the shoulder.

Men with black masks follow the shoulder traffic. They walk meticulously along the edge of the road, on either side of traffic. They point their Kalishnikovs at each car and fire off rounds till nothing inside is alive.


Do you run? Can you run?


They are just a few cars away now. The guns pop and it makes you flinch as you see blood splatter across the glass in the car in front of you. One of the men turns his head to your car and begins walking your way.


The idea that there could be terror cells spread all across our nation already is an incredibly frightening thought but what’s stopping them? The protections put in place have had their teeth removed by lawyers and political correctness.

You say, “so what, so what James what am I gonna do? I don’t have the money to buy aTank.”

I get it this is why I talk about physical fitness. Taking a martial art. Preparing in uncommon yet commonsensical ways. You should be able to run for your life if need be. Since the dawn of man that was a great means of staying alive. Can you run? Can you fight? How about your will? Food, water, and shelter that’s all very important but do you know your next-door neighbors name? How about the one 4 doors down? I will always harp on the community. It is the ultimate preparation.

As far as Jihad is concerned it’s not going away. It’s a religious battle that means only to convert or kill. If you aren’t interested in being at the receiving end of either of those to than please plan accordingly




However you feel about Rick Perry he has been fighting this issue since 2012 and reported on the issue of the “humanitarian” crisis on Fox News Channel:


Perry gave an ominous warning: “We have record high numbers of other than Mexicans being apprehended at the border. These are people that are coming from states like Syria that have substantial connections back to terrorist regimes and terrorist operations. So we’re seeing record, historic high numbers of these individuals being apprehended.” Perry said he warned the Obama administration about the current border chaos in 2012. “We flagged this issue in 2012 and have yet to even have a response as far as I know, from not just, not from the president, but not even from his administration,” he said. Perry criticized the president by adding, “[Obama] is totally and absolutely either inept or making some decisions that are not in the best interest of American citizens, particularly from a public safety standpoint.”


Of course all Muslims aren’t evil. It’s a giant religion. Still, don’t be blind. For your country and your families sake you have to understand that there is a swelling population of radical Muslims all over this world that want nothing more that to cut your head off, kill your sons, rape your daughters and mutilate your wife before turning her into a slave.

Dont run from reality



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  1. nathan hale says:

    do not be afraid of the terrorists. be afraid of your own govt as it will be their overreaction that will turn this into a police state and you and your children into slaves.

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