The first ever Prepper Comic! Join the Campaign!

The first ever Prepper Comic! Join the Campaign!

March 2, 2015 news 0

The Project

I am asking for your help in achieving something incredible. I released a book last year called Our World: Recovered Journals. It featured the journals of four unique characters in several locations across a collapsed America. Thanks to you the book was not only received well it has also brought us to a conclusion. Our World could be more. It was ready to evolve.


Our World: Recovered Journals will become the first prepper comic book. Broken down into volumes each will feature the four original characters and their stories alongside beautiful color artwork of each story. The volumes will feature the artwork of Evelyn Wesley along with a skill or tip illustrated in the back of each volume. There will be plenty of room for advertisement as well for those interested. We are looking to tell a great story and reach a whole new audience for preparedness.


This project will be funded partially through an indie go go campaign. I would be honored if you would participate in funding the first prepper comic book. Any amount you could offer up would go first to paying our great artist Evelyn Wesley. Beyond that it will go to the production and marketing the publication. I really feel that we can use this comic as a means to reach a new audience. There is no argument that the more people we have prepared for the future the better future we will have.

The Perks

There are several exciting perks for those of you who decide to contribute to our project! There are options ranging from a signed copy of Our World: Recovered Journals to becoming an actual character. We will write and illustrate you into the comic itself.

$25 social media love

Do you have a message, website or product you would like in front of an audience? With a contribution of $25 we will give your message, site or product some social media love. It will be placed in a unique post and tweet for the I AM Liberty audience. It will live there forever.

$30 signed copy of Our World

The book that started this journey will be delivered to your door signed by James Walton the author and host of I AM Liberty!

$50 concept art

For those out there looking for something unique a $50 contribution will net you a signed copy of Evelyn Wesley’s concept art for Our World.

$100 shout out on I AM Liberty

At this level you are really doing something special. Therefore you deserve a shout on the I AM Liberty podcast. I will rep your product, message, website or service on our live Friday show

$1000 Character Offshoot

If you’ve really got money to spend then go the distance and become a piece of the Our World Comic forever. Your name will be and illustration will be included as an offshoot character in one of our upcoming volumes.

We will work together to create a character and story that you can be proud of. This really is a unique option and I would highly recommend it if it’s your cup of tea.


This is the future. Not just for comics or peppers. Campaigns like these will become increasingly more popular overtime. We talk a lot about no s being shipped to China and the struggle to know where our money is going and how it’s being used.

This campaign is a great opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. Support our project and know your money is creating an American product, with an American story, and beyond that it’s making hard working Americans some money.

Thanks so much for your consideration. I hope to be mailing out some of these unique perks in the near future!


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