The Echo of an Angler

The Echo of an Angler

December 30, 2017 poetry 0

more important than the water on your boots

and the schools of hungry fish beneath

is the anglers echo

It is the essence of conservation

when the dry fly lands, silently

and dances naturally by mending line perfectly

and slips slowly into that pool

that pool you know better than you now anything on dry land

when that snapping sip of a brown trout excites you

and suddenly your fly disappears under the water

the echo of anglers before you can be heard

the echo can be heard

the echo can be heard

the conservation

I am the echo of my father

I will walk as he walked respecting and funding streams

as he has

my sons will be my echo

their boot prints will overlap my own

the echo can be heard

the echo can be heard

though you may think human intervention

is but a burden on nature in everyway

from blue ridge peak to tidewater

like Poseidon’s trident

I hear the echo of an angler


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