The divide bleeding us dry

The divide bleeding us dry

May 8, 2014 poetry 0

We are all monsters. Beasts of out own device. Some of us making efforts to be better and others to be worse. Who am I to judge another man’s faith when most days I AM unsure of my own.

The politics, the gods, the very insignificant pigment of our skin have us at each others throats. The division is reaching critical mass. All the while those with a wild desire to manipulate the masses are laughing all the way to the gold vault. We’ve been had. Don’t you see?

Let’s not parse words, freedom is the hardest job on the planet. You have to work. The important thing is that we all have the ability to pluck an idea or desire from thin air and paint it into existence. The work to keep this up is our only guarantee.

Don’t miss Friday’s live show on as we examine division in the nation and how we are losing ground in this battle because of it.


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