Test your Might with these Survival Challenges

Test your Might with these Survival Challenges

June 2, 2017 news 0

One of the things I love about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is that your skill is your skill and its irrefutable on the mat. There is no veil on the mat and you cannot lie your way out of a head arm choke. Either you tapped or you tapped them or you guys stalemated due to evenly matched skills or fatigue. It is this reality and this truth that I would like to inject in to the prepper and survivalist world.

Men, in particular, are born with this innate belief that they are unbeatable. For many men, thankfully, they never get in fights and therefore never get tested. We have spent a lot of time in this period of enlightenment. This period will be followed by a period of action. If you look through history it always goes this way. The colonists were enlightened by the thievery of the crown and thus came the action, the American revolution.

Its important that we test and measure ourselves. I am going to offer up some ways for you to plan on doing just that with 4 prepper tests you should put on your schedule.


Are you an advocate for the bugout? Do you have the bags packed and the weapons ready? Why not put yourself to the test with this 15 – 20-mile adventure that is primarily running with a pack on and stopping for intermittent challenges along the way. Some of which are physical and others are more mission based.

The whole expedition is team oriented and will take you between 8-10 hours. I

Mammoth Sniper Challenge

The mammoth is just what it sounds like.

The Mammoth Sniper Challenge sponsored by Eotech is a 4-day precision rifle shooting competition held at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky. This event will offer unique opportunities to test your skill with a rifle and compete for prizes and bragging rights. The match will consist of:

10 stages to be completed as a team, 6 long stages and 4 shorter faster stages.

The match will be shot as a team match, 3 divisions- Tough man, Regular and Open. Note: Open Division will only be open to Teams that have legitimate reason for not being able to compete in the Regular Division, Medical Reasons or Match Sponsors.

Escape Room

The escape room is less of a physical challenge and more a challenge of the mind. These locations are popping up all over the country and are a lot of fun. Where you will see the benefits is in the team based problem solving.

You will be locked in a room of that requires you solve various puzzles to find keys to escape several rooms. You usually do this with a group of strangers which makes it even better. You are given an hour and it will take all that time to figure it out.

Check your local city for an escape room and book an early weekday to avoid crowds.

These challenges will take you out of your survival fantasy and thrust you into reality. You will be uncomfortable, you will be upset at times and you will be getting better! Tell me about some other challenges in the survival world.


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