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I AM Liberty Show: Sunday Sermon, The King and the Peasents Liberty

I woke up early to walk my dogs and talk you about our Kings our freedom and our preparedness.

What should you be preparing for that the government is too busy to tell us.

We aren’t getting a word in edgewise with this idea of the presidency. Its time for a change and I think I have the spark of a new idea. One that allows the people to speak on the issues.

I AM Liberty Show: Love, Gun Tricks and 72 Immigrants

The holdiday of love or corpratized love is upon us. What are your thoughts on this human emotion. Is it a driving force for good or is it a construct of the middle ages. I will give you my thoughts.

They are after the guns again. This time its through the lense of taxes and .50 caliber weapons. A Massachusettes Senator has a bill that she thi ks makes some sense.

Also in a cruel play of irony it appears the gift of 72 virgins has been mocked by a list of 72 immigrants from Trump ban nations that have been arrested as terrorists.

I AM Liberty Show: Your Priorities, Your Choice 2016


What are your priorities? What are your biggest problems. Lets not get caught up in the insanity of which on of these candidates is the better deviant. The facts are that one of them will be president this time next year. So to better use your time I challenge you to look over your priorities in life and see who aligns with them.

  • Freedom
  • Security and Safety
  • Economic Prosperity
  • Conservation

Thats my list. Whats yours all about? Which candidate best aligns with your priorities.


I AM Liberty Show: Brussels Attacks, Clean Slate and Baby Chicks

How long are we going to put up with Radical Islam. How long are we going to watch people bleed. How long I ask myself this question. You think that our tolerance is what makes us a great nation but there is only so much we can tolerate. Once that tolerance runs out people will lose it.

Keep pushing the West and see how many more maniacs with guns start mowing people down except soon it will be in mosques not malls. Mark my words. Our over tolerance is getting people killed

Sign my petition. We need better leaders than those who are running for the presidential office right now. We need a clean slate before the election.

Also we have some new family members 6 new baby chicks. Our protein stream for when this world falls off the cliff.

I AM Liberty Show: Anxiety, The IOWA carcass and Active Shooter


The anxiety of American life. The anxiety of life. Sleep, work, kids, life, violence, failure, heartbreak its all part of the American condition.

The IOWA caucus aka the most important political event of the century kicked off amid a thunder of people who did not care and who could blame them.

Surviving an active shooter and what you need to know.


I AM Liberty Show: Fear, Donald Trump and Asian Spiced Pumpkin

Tonight we discuss the power of fear and the readyness I am seeing in so many people. Its very clear people understand the world is changing and it may require some preparedness on their end. Thats great news to me.

My thoughts on the mythical creature known as the Donald

Also a stint of cool weather has my mind on Fall and my new book Seasons in the Valley. Available for preorder at Amazon now. Enjoy this quick episode of I AM Liberty.