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I AM Liberty Show: Racial Confusion, Zecheria and Free Thought

A new show in a new year. After the vile actions of the four black teens who kidnapped a white kid and tortured him I am examining the landscape of the media. Some of these weaklings responded in such incredible ways its hard to believe.

Meanwhile the UN is talking about a Palestinian state in the near future which brings me to the book of Zecheria. Listen to me read some rousing text from Zecheria 14


Topics Discussed

  • Medias biased response to hate crime kidnapping
  • Israel/Palestine State Talks
  • Reading from the Old Testament
  • Composting Toilets
  • Poetry

Beyond that is float down I AM Liberty river as I talk about whats on my mind and things I think I should consider in the future. We will also talk a little poetry.

I AM Liberty Show: Squirrel Hunting, Troops In Charlotte and Racism

After a long afternoon chasing squirrels with the air rifle my I couldn’t shake the whole issue in Charlotte. Troops were brought in to control the citizens and I never like the sounds of that. It is very important that we run away from this type of thing. Frankly it scares me.



Appalachian Trail Virtual Race

Can you cover 71 miles in 30 Days?


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Listen, I am not going to take it easy on you now. You made through the bug out challenge its only gonna get harder from here on out. Do you have what it takes?