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I AM Liberty Show: Sunday Sermon, The King and the Peasents Liberty

I woke up early to walk my dogs and talk you about our Kings our freedom and our preparedness.

What should you be preparing for that the government is too busy to tell us.

We aren’t getting a word in edgewise with this idea of the presidency. Its time for a change and I think I have the spark of a new idea. One that allows the people to speak on the issues.

I AM Liberty Show: Cooking Methods, Braising

Braising, inexpensive meats made great!

5-13-16 oven-braised-beef-brisket-au-jus-600x444-70759For our first week in this series on cooking we are going to talk about braising. This cooking method is my favorite by far. This is a transformation technique that often involves tougher cuts of meat. This means cheaper cuts of meat. If you can learn to manipulate cheap/unwanted cuts of meat you are doing something great.

5-13-16Braising is often times associated with cold weather but it can also be used in the spring. One of my favorite things to braise is the lamb shank. Nothing says spring like a delicious piece of lamb. Aside from lamb though there is a plethora of other things that can be braised and I want you folks to get used to and accustomed to adding this cooking method into your arsenal.

5-13-16 HTFN36_Braise-Meat-32_s4x3.jpg.rend.sni18col.landscapeIts a firm belief of mine that cooking and learning to cook for yourself should be as important as learning to read or add. Its insane that we leave high school with AP courses under our belts but still look to others to prepare our food. Nutrition an cooking should not be an elective. The direct correlation between what we eat and our health is scientifically undeniable. That said it only makes sense that in a house of learning this gets conveyed. Instead we have mandatory classes like ‘how to hit a ball with a stick.’

This series will be geared towards how and when to utilize each cooking method. It will arm you with a new set of tools when it comes to food preparation. The ability to transform raw ingredients from your pantry or the wild into food is an indispensable survival skill. The most important thing to understand is that you can become an expert at all of these cooking methods. I hope you look at food through a different lense following this series of shows. So tell your friends and family the crazy host of I AM Liberty is going off the deep end on cooking and you won’t want to miss it.

4 Years Later I Test My Survival Seeds

For as calculated as preparedness can be there are a lot of products on the market that require quite a bit of faith. Products that, for many of us, should read DO NOT OPEN UNTIL THE APOCALYPSE. For busy Americans it’s very rare that we get a chance to test all of our plans and items. Sure, we should but we don’t. Therefore some items are great mysteries to me.

The can and the superpail in food storage, unless rotated into your weekly menus, can be one of these instances. You can look at it, shake it, smell it better but until you open it there is a lot of faith involved. If you crack that container and find that a big chunk of what was supposed to get you through is either infested or spoiled it could be your own personal SHTF scenario.

So knowing that I as even more curious about another product I store.



16 non hybrid hermetically sealed gridlocked packets

By Mountain Valley Seeds INC.

Salt Lake City, Utah


This were given to me as a gift from my wonderful Mother in law who understands the dangers of the world both national and personal. It never hurts to have backup. I think she purchased them through Emergency Essentials.


The variety inside is as follows


















Still, a lot of faith for something like this. It’s an absolute nuclear bomb in terms of preparedness power. It gives young you 16 different vegetables in large quantities. It also comes with a manual for caring for these plants and most importantly techniques for harvesting their seeds.


It sat under temperature control for about four years and I decided it was time to crack this can and see if these seeds would perform outside of cryostasis.

Its been about a month now and the seeds have performed as though they were purchased this year. I have food in my garden that is on the way to maturity. Had this been a much more severe situation my family would be fed because of this prep. Yet had it failed things could’ve gotten ugly.


No matter how prepared you are there are several pieces of your plan that require faith. Pieces that could go awry. This is a great product that was tested for just that. It made a claim and stood up to that claim. I recommend it and will be buying another.



I AM Liberty Show: Why Self Reliance in 2015?

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There is a ton of issues floating around right now. There is actually too much for you to really keep up with. I wanted to do a show on the issues but I realize the better topic is discuss why self-reliance in 2015. For those of you on the fence and for many of you who are in the eye of the storm. It’s always important to find inspiration and answers. It’s also very important to touch on the issues.

The news is red hot right now. The news you see on NBC is red hot and the real news is white hot. There is so much going on around us right now it’s nearly impossible to keep up with it all. The great and powerful infrastructures that we depend on will be very different in the near future. Have you heard of the farmers in California that have decided rather than grow this year they will sell their water shares? This is not some conspiracy this is actually happening. Do you know what that means for our food supply?

Unfortunately we are coming out of a grace period. Human history has been all about surviving. It’s been about providing and adapting. We have spent our lives in this strange grace period where food is produced for us, water is filtered for us, power comes right to our homes, and clothing is the equivalent of a disposable paper towel. Tonight’s show is about where we are going and the end of that grace period. I am going to try to tell this story with the help of the issues of the day. At the end of the day it all relates This should be a whole lot of fun. Don’t miss another great episode of the I AM Liberty Show.

Werewolf Legend Bell/Onnit Labs

MMA Overload

I AM Liberty Show: Preparedness Then and Now

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ts been a tough winter. There has been snow like most haven’t seen and there has been cold like we rarely see. That being said there are rumblings within the masses. I am hearing lots of people reevaluating their preparedness situation. Whereas two to three years ago there were people joking about being a little more prepared in their lives. Now there is only a quiet and uncomfortable laugh when they say things like, “I guess I am going to have to become a prepper , too!”

That being said I would like to look at some preparedness stats on this show this week. I would love to speak on stories of people who have grasped this forgotten concept of being self-reliant. We are seeing a huge move towards preparedness for many reasons. Ideas that seemed radical just a few years ago now make all the sense in the world for some families.

It’s both a good sign and a bad sign. It means that we are waking up to the realities of the volatile world we live in and understand that man does not control every aspect of markets, climate, space, and the rest of the world. Unfortunately it also means we are going to have to work much harder to live a quality life in America.

I would also like to extend my hand to the new preppers, homesteaders, concerned Americans out there. There is so much knowledge out there today it’s hard not to get wrapped up in it all. How do we know what to attach first. How do we decide what decisions to make! You laugh but this is very true of many folks out there today. What are the first steps? What are the early stage protections you must put in place to keep your family safe. All that and more on I AM Liberty!

I AM Liberty Show: Terrorism, is it back? Are you ready?

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Will there come a day when these intermittent attacks by radical Muslims become an everyday occurrence. I grew up in a town where there were 3 cops to every 1000 residents. I am sure in bigger cities that numbers is even smaller. So what is stopping that from happening? There is really only one thing, in my opinion that’s stopping this and that is population. I don’t just mean those in the population that would stand against them with those evil, black, assault weapons. I am also talking about the fact that the population of Muslims in this country has not reached the critical level yet. That’s not a a jab at Muslims its simply a fact that when the radicals become a certain percentage of the population bombs tend to start going off.

So what does that mean to you? I want to talk about concerns that I have read on the internet as well as four tips for the common infidel in your life. I would love to hear from you, the audience, about the change of plans these past couple weeks have influenced. This topics is as deep as the day is long. You can fall into the conspiracy and scare yourself to death or we can just talk about the one offs. I am game for either.

course the I AM Liberty line we mustn’t cross is becoming frightened sheep among wolves. I feel that most all efforts we put into preparedness should also increase our quality of life. So how do we leverage these changes in our plans to both keep our family safe from terrorism and keep them happy as well? This is a very important topic on which will be a very important night on I AM Liberty. Do your best not to miss this episode as we will touch on some very important topics that could turn out to affect us more than we know.

Please check out SkySaver as a solution for escaping high rises in a emergency situation. Not a sponsor just a great company with a great product.

You Want Prepared Kids? Play Minecraft!

If you do the ugly parent thing and refuse to read this because you think it is about a video game and there is no way it can translate preparedness, well, than I am very sorry.

I certainly don’t fall into the category of a hardcore gamer. Do I play video games? I am 28 and grew up with NES. Of course I play. I like to stay in the combat sports vein and I enjoy a good Rebel/American/Resistance style game.

Since I have been doing the show and engaging with listeners there has been one struggle that has shown to be insurmountable for some. It’s not the skills it’s passing them on. Its engaging the family in a way that really pushes them to get excited about things like bushcraft, hunting, gardening, storing food and a general enjoyment of that self reliant lifestyle. This is why we decided on including the outdoors into our Reroot USA movement www.rerootusa.com.

Still, those bonds with technology for some kids are so strong that it is nearly impossible to break them. They could care less about what Dad wants to do or what Mom wants to do. Now this isn’t the case for every kid but I am using this article to address those folks that just cannot build an alliance at home. Here’s the thing if Dad and the kids like it than Mom is gonna get curious. The problem is when they can pilot a spaceship and blow up entire worlds on their phone its nearly impossible to pull them from the clouds and teach them to appreciate a hazelnut growing on a bush outside. At a time when it seems more important to move towards preparedness than ever what do you do?

In comes the pixilated, underrated survival game known as Minecraft. Yes it is very much a survival game. In fact after having put several hours into the game I would go as far as to say it is THE self-reliance and survival game.

There are a few modes to play in but to get the most out of this game with your kids you have to play Survival Mode. This mode ties it all together. You play through day and night and when the sun goes down the danger level goes up. I guess I should mention that to get the most out of this game you would want to play two-player mode with your child.

So what is so great about a stupid, ugly looking video game in the age of crystal clear graphics? I will elaborate in the bold titles below.

Hunting to survive

If you are playing the game in Survival Mode you will burn calories building your shelter. You will burn calories mining, gardening and pretty much everything else you do. Eating meat will fill you up much faster than anything else. You even have to cook the meat to get the most out of it.

Throughout your game there will be several types of animals and you can eat most of them. You have the option of stabbing them, using a bow and arrow to shoot them or bludgeoning them to death. Not my recommendation.

Your kids will begin to understand they have to hunt and that hunting is not what PETA makes it out to be. In the game they will look forward to providing meat for Dad or Mom and eating their hard work at the end of the day. 

As I mentioned earlier there would be a daytime period where light is plentiful and you will tend your garden, build on your home, cut down trees or mine. It’s a wonderful time to get things done.

However, when the moon rises and night is upon you several enemies come out. Zombies, skeletons and spiders are the most recognizable but other more confusing enemies are out in the dark as well. The important thing is that without a shelter you will be killed.

This creates a great opportunity for your kids to understand the importance of a shelter, especially at night. It also drives home managing time and when the sun reaches a certain spot in the sky its time to start making your way back to safety.

Also if you die you lose all of your items.

The importance of growing your own food 

One of the coolest features in Minecraft is that you have to grow food to survive. Not only do you have to grow food but also you have to find seeds, prep an area with plenty of light, prep the soil and also consider irrigation. Without all of these your garden will be very ineffective.

I know this is baby talk to you but can you think of a better vehicle to deliver this information to your child? You can explain to them why you have to do all I mentioned above.

You will even have to craft your own hoe from sticks and rocks that you mine. Using this tool is imperative or you will not be able to plant seeds.

Understanding raw materials 

There is not another game or activity period on this planet that allows you to use so many raw materials and develop an understanding of how they translate into everyday objects. Whether you are mining stone for tools, coal for torches, sandstone and cobblestone for structures, cutting wood to build fences, or getting into gold and diamonds to make weapons, kinda silly I know, Minecraft really introduces kids to what, where and how so many everyday objects come to be. 

The very basics of managing an inventory

All through the game you will collect items. Whether you mine rock, cut wood, find seeds, hunt for meat or even just dig up dirt. You have a finite inventory to work from. Everything tool you craft will also be in your inventory. You can make axes, swords, pick axes, shovels and even fishing poles among other things. All of these tools are necessary in Survival Mode.

When you run out of inventory you cannot keep anything else. You have to decide what to keep and what must go.

I could go on……

But for your sake I won’t cuz I want you to get out and play the game! If you have made it this far in the article I am very happy for you. It means you are thinking outside the box and going with the natural order a bit.

Of course getting outside with your kids and physically building fences, digging gardens and building shelters is incomparable to playing a video game. My son is young he is all about helping Daddy for about 5 minutes than I lose his attention. Kids learn best when they are engaged. You running a tiller and planting seeds all day is hardly engaging to a young kid. What Minecraft offers, and this is the most important thing to understand, is a level playing field. A place where your child will open their mind and devote their full attention. Here you can dump even more important knowledge and details into something you both are enjoying.

Here’s the ultimate secret. If your kids don’t like camping or digging, gardening, hunting, bushcraft yadda yadda. You have to be smarter than the 5 year old. That’s what parenting is about. Instead of “hey junior hows about we go out back and look for some fallen black walnuts,” you grab one of your kids swords and say, “I think I hear a creeper. Lets go outside and play Minecraft!”

Steve with Diamond Armor” by Lizardi SaucedoOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

I AM Liberty Show: Mesoamerica, Xolotl, and achievers

In the building of many cultures there is no end. I guess that would be God’s version of Ecclesiastes’ great quote. In this episode I touch on my sudden interest in Mesoamerica and the marvel of what these indeginous civilizations were able to achieve and create in their isolated world. From the domestication of food and animal to the creation of number systems and written language.

As I read about one societies rise I look around to the fall of my own. How does this relate and how do we survive it? The degeneration of a language and a battle with technology that pulls us further from the balance we find in nature. Is this thing too wordy and too nose up?

My dog is aging and I want him to be there when I die to cross me over that river to afterlife the way Mesoamerican mythology says. This is still the most selfish show on the air.

The headlines are garbage so the monologue is for the achievers out there. Boehners back but who cares about politics anyway. We will touch on all of it on this episode of I AM Liberty