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I AM Liberty Show: Spring Gobbler W/ Andy Gagliano

The days are getting longer and the weather getting warmer. There are many of the telltale signs that spring is upon us. You’ll see sprouting kale and hear chirping chickens on the Liberty Homestead. For many of us though that familiar gobble of the horny spring long-beard is another sign that the evil winter has…
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April 9, 2016 0

I AM Liberty Show: AIPAC, The END and Virtual Reality

AIPAC has decided the election already. Whether you know it or not. When does I AM Liberty come to an end. Will you be around to see it? I jumped into the VR world this week for the first time. It was very cool for about 60 seconds and then I became more afraid than…
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March 20, 2016 0

How well do you know your community?

There are a lot of great prepper titles out there be it movies or books.  Stories that take remind us why self reliance is so important, that inspire us to do even better and work harder and for that inspiration we must be grateful. That being said its from these sources that the majority of…
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January 7, 2016 1

I AM Liberty Show: White Belts, Skill Points and The Bow and Arrow

(AN ISIS FREE EVENING) Greece is falling apart and the banks are closed till the 7th. Its a peak into a world of economic collapse. Its a peak into what happens when a society believes the government will take care of them. About as far from Deer hunting as we could get I open the…
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July 1, 2015 0

I AM Liberty Show: Is Community Our Last Hope?

Check Out Education Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with American Preppers Radio on BlogTalkRadio   I have been broadcasting on preparedness topics for almost three years now. There have always been threats in the shadows and concerns that seemed more fiction than fact. Of course basic preparedness is crucial and everyone should be prepared for…
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May 18, 2015 0