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I AM Liberty Show: November Bassin, Sharia Smashin and The Kombucha Entrepreneur

It was 80 degrees in November and I found myself wading in the cold waters of the James River. Using a chartreuse senko I also got lucky enough to yank a 16inch smallmouth from the river in high fast water. It was a great trip to the one of my favorite places on earth. How…
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November 4, 2017 0

I AM Liberty Show: DEPORTING MUSLIM KILLERS and a 5 Year Celebration

A very simple show about taking the nearly 5000 suspected terrorists in America and the UK and kicking them out of our nations along with any other suspected terrorists that are on the FBI watch lists.Â

June 5, 2017 0

I AM Liberty Show: Burqa Ban, Prepper XMAS and The Whiteness Forum

  Much to talk about in these 40 minutes. It seems every day the news is on fire. Not to mention the holidays are upon us. What do you want for Christmas? Take advantage of the holiday and add to your preparedness plans. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Topics Angela Merkle’s Burqa…
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December 6, 2016 0

I AM Liberty Show: War Drums, Muslim Heroine and Bernie’s Trail of Tears

  Its appears as though our democrats, the party of peace and equality, are looking to go to war with Russia over a slew of Syrian rebels who would cut your wife’s neck if they were given the chance. Just to put that into context. A Muslim Heroine name Aliyah Saleem has exposed an all…
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October 18, 2016 0

I AM Liberty Show: NY Bombing, Simplicity and Angry Races

Tim Kaine says we are winning the war with ISIS and their battle ground is shrinking. Lets talk about it.

October 16, 2016 0