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I AM Liberty Show: Religion, influence on America!

In a country where religion is moving towards the outskirts and people feel better about simply closing the book on divinity we cannot deny its influence on America. Both today and during the revolution as well as the very colonization of the continent. Whether you agree with the tactics of your American ancestors or not its the reason we are here today.

12-18-2015 islam_will_dominate_world_768330Religion plays a major part in the war we are currently in with ISIS. Its very important to understand that fact. I understand the powers that be attempting to take religion out of the ISLAMIC STATE argument. Its because a small portion of our population cant wrap their head around nuance and will be lynching Muslims.Still, looking at a religion based on what it does for the community and the practitioner. That to me is the best metric for religion in 2015.There is definitely an argument for morality and population management as well.

I am not a very religious guy but I understand its importance. I understand its power as well. I know that it can drive people to do better. We know now better than ever in this century that it still has the power to drive people to do powerful things. I pull motivation from the bible. There are times when I turn to that book above all else.

12-19-14I wear a cross. Do I believe there was a man name Jesus who walked the Earth, did miracles, died for us and came back from the dead? I have my days when faith is strong and days when I am just way too cynical for any of it. Still I wear a cross. I want to talk about why.

Its a night for religion in the midst of some of the worlds most holy days. Join us and bring your knowledge and opinions. Its important that we look at this thing and put it into perspective because we are also on the door step of 2016.

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XL

Every Thursday here at http://www.iamliberty.wordpress.com stay tuned for another exciting chapter in Tom Locke’s story. Its not dystopian but, have mercy, its one man’s survival.

  •  God or Guide?

The timber grew up crooked. It seemed that no tree rose from the ground in a straight line. Instead they all clamoured towards the sunlight with limbs that spread like nerves or veins. Nothing in nature is straight or consistent. In our world we think beauty is about looking like so and so. Cutting our hair like whats his name. Nature tells us different.

Najair sat back against a large poplar tree. Small chips of rock hit his face as return fire from the Muslim radicals hit boulders and trees between them. He looked over the soldier who appeared from under the burqa in the cabin. He was short and stout an underdog with an incredible aim. He would smite two armed men for every duck and cover.

Najair was armed and returning fire as well but as he watched this brave soldier he thought of a Qur’anic verse.

Sura 26:227 “Except those who believe, work righteousness, engage much in the remembrance of God, and defend themselves only after they are unjustly attacked. And soon will the unjust assailants know what vicissitudes their affairs will take!

Over the last few days Najair had been so close to his god. With bullets whizzing by his head he may have never been closer to god than at this moment.

The gunfire simmered as the opposition began to reload. Najair popped up from behind the large bolder and squeezed off several rounds. He felled to two men before return fire. The hail chip up the rock again and the GUIDE echoed through his head.


noun: guide · plural noun: guides
  1. a person who advises or shows the way to others:

God, guide, god, guide, god, guide, god, guide, god, guide, god, guide, god, guide, god, guide, god, guide, god, guide, god, guide, god, guide. Over and over the words spiraled around in his mind. He was a devout Muslim within reason. The later portion of his beliefs was what the men he was killing lacked. Reason.

As he took cover he thought, ‘There was a time when we needed God to explain the world to us. A time before science and reason and logic. We needed Allah to explain the world because we were unable to. Does this mean with science there is no need for God?

If Ignorance is bliss than we need God now more than ever. For we understand more than ever. God becomes the guide. He will wade us through the information and those that desire to do evil with such information. The information at our fingertips has the capacity to do one thousand times the damage of any iron clad cavalery of the past. It is with this power we need a guide more than ever, a God.

Without God to guide us we look to holy books to explain todays world. Simply a feat that is impossible. Instead we set our compass by these solid teachings of morality and experience. If we seek to live by any Gods word exclusively than we become the monsters before me.’

He popped up from behind the stone and offed three more of the radicals.

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXXVI

Every Thursday here at http://www.iamliberty.wordpress.com stay tuned for another exciting chapter in Tom Locke’s story. Its not dystopian but, have mercy, its one man’s survival.


  • How far we have fallen


Tom knew he was pressing his luck but the statement he made was his last resort.

“My name is Tom Locke. I don’t plan on leaving here alive but I would much rather die out there, fighting them.”

Agent Killeen looked over this strange man. His face was beat up and mentally he seemed to be traversing a shale cliff that fell to deep insanity. Though in his eyes burned a fire of insistence. One that only appears in the already deranged and those telling the truth. She was trained to read the gestures and intricate facial disruptions of human communication. The Agent could see a liar from a mile away. This man before her was telling the truth.

“My flight crash landed a couple days ago, few days ago. It’s hard to remember now. How come no one has come to clean that mess up?”

She knelt beside him and spoke quietly, “If this thing goes badly up here. We could be in a lot of trouble.”

She paused listening again for a moment the cacophony had died down a bit as those who weren’t so lucky in their first go round resided to their place in the order.

“There are camps like these in every state on the mainland. Some states more than a couple. They have been training in our most densely populated cities and areas more remote than this. We are stretched so thin here that if this gets ugly there won’t be much else we can do. The American people will be on their own.”

“Could the timing be more perfect? What with the state of police relations and the shaving of military forces.”

“It’s perfect because it was supposed to be perfect.”

 Tom sat up and looked her over. She was very serious and he could see sweat beading on her head.

“Elaborate. I may not make it off this mountain alive. Give me the satisfaction.”

“We don’t have much time. I will make it brief. The police were isolated and attacked, just as the second amendment, immigration was blown wide open so this terror army could easily fill it’s ranks. A radical Muslim military grew inside our borders as our own was being thinned. The whole world was falling into war and we were thinning our ranks.

None of this was coincidence. The riots were stimulated by agitators who knew something like this was close. They wanted the police disarmed and now most of their riot gear and heavy weapons are collecting dust in a storage unit somewhere. That’s best case scenario.

The center right was broken and submitted to the idea that Muslims were streaming into the country with only good intentions. Those who spoke out lost careers. This threat whispered through alleyways and into the ears of the  highest  offices in the land. These religious killers followed Sun Tzu to a T and now, with America so dividied, they strike. Unless we stop them.”

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXXV

Every Thursday here at http://www.iamliberty.wordpress.com stay tuned for another exciting chapter in Tom Locke’s story. Its not dystopian but, have mercy, its one man’s survival

  • The midday gallop of a trojan horse

Najair Ahmadi was born in America under devout Muslim parents. He was a brilliant young man who spent time in the Middle East visiting his grandparents once per year. Najair always kept a knee between his studies and religion. It was blasphemous, he knew that, but when he visited his the dusty streets of Iraq and watched the people he knew he was right. They could recite the Quran backwards but denied the existence of science. Najair was proud to praise Allah for all he had been awarded in this life. Still, his heart tightened when he saw the land of his roots so shackled to the words of one text.

The nightmarish life for women carried over into his own house hold. His father was followed his Quran just as his mother did. For Najair its seemed the more he learned from other pages the less portions of Quran held validity in his mind. The covering, the using, the beating of women. He refused to follow such a practice

Now he stood looking out at other women packaged for the use of the believer. He knew what Tom had done. He knew it was his best effort to spare at least one of these women. Behind that door Najair longed to know what of the conversation. At the same time he watched as the men circled the women and moved in swarming them.

Cutting the same angle as his fellow traveler Najair ran towards the women. He approached one being pulled in the opposite direction by a smaller man with nothing but a balled up fist to protect himself. Najair snatched at the burqua and pulled it in the opposite direction. The man turned around with ferocity in his eyes.

“I will gladly return her to you when I’m through but tonight, brother, she will see me first,” Najair spoke with a stone face and dead glare in his eyes. He was not intimidated by the man. This look was from a weak fanatic. Whoever takes a woman in such a manner must be among the weakest of men.

“Get the fu….”

Najair silenced the man with a lighting strike of an overhand right. It connected on a downward swing with his nose and slipped off onto his jaw. It jarred his chin into his chest and he disappeared into his own subconscious.

The beasts swarmed and hardly noticed the confrontation as there were no doubt others happening all around him. Najair tightened his grip on the woman and began to walk her towards a cabin by the back of the camp. He studied his periphery for someone else looking to steal the prize.

“Dont be afraid. I am not one of these villains. I am hiding among them. I have a friend here as well. We have to stop them. I am going to take you into this cabin and we are going to get you out of here. Safely.”

They walked quickly toward the door of the cabin. It creaked as it opened revealing a much cleaner room than the one Tom entered.

“Are you clothed under there? Listen. I am sure this has been hard on you. I am not one going to hurt you or do anything to you. I am not one of them.”

From the burqua came a muffled mans voice,”Good thing cuz neither am I.”

Out from under the burqua appeared a small man standing at 5’6 at the most built like brick wall. From head to toe dressed in tactical body armor.

“This is Agent Dunalp my master is secure but he is not the master I was expecting.”

I AM Liberty Show: Is Community Our Last Hope?

Check Out Education Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with American Preppers Radio on BlogTalkRadio


I have been broadcasting on preparedness topics for almost three years now. There have always been threats in the shadows and concerns that seemed more fiction than fact. Of course basic preparedness is crucial and everyone should be prepared for life’s hardships. It seems like now, more than ever, those greater concerns are coming out of the shadows more than ever. The frightening tales we have been broadcasting and writing about are closer to home than ever before. There are days that I look over the beauty of my life and wonder just how long before the ugly face of consequence shows itself.

Community preparedness adaptIf the above paragraph was a bit too broad for you let me expound on the literal threats and their near critical levels. ISIS is operating in the country and terror cells are training in nearly every state. This is a fact presented by the FBI. The bird flu is spiraling out of control and just another pressure on our food supply. The military is consistently training for “something” in the states. We are fighting a war by proxy with another super power, Russia, in Syria and Ukraine. Scientists are pushing full steam ahead towards some sort of robotic/AI paradise they can only philosophize about. The cops and the races have been put at one another’s throats by our president. I could go on.

Community preparednessOur only hope is Community Preparedness. You forget that I am the champion for the initiative to Reroot USA (www.rerootusa.com) This is a initiative to strengthen relationships in your community and the level of preparedness. Its not about building a prepper community its about building on the community preparedness you already have. The preparedness aspect will take care of itself. Especially in dark times like these.

We cannot run from life into bunkers like rats. We have to evolve our communities to become prepared and more intertwined. There must be interaction and I am going to talk about just how you achieve that. You can also do some research yourself over at www.rerootusa.com Its been a while since we have touched on this material but it is very important.


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Our World Available Wednesday April 22nd audible, itunes!

Thanks to Mark at www.prepperrecon.com and the talents of Kelly Rhodes Our World: Recovered Journals will take on a whole new life on Wednesday April 22nd. It will be available on Audible and Itunes as well as here at I AM Liberty headquarters.

The audio book is really how this diary style fiction should be enjoyed. You will be swallowed up by each characters plight when you here it in audio. I am very happy with it and hope you spend the $6.95 admission fee to enter Our World. It runs just over 2 hours and will be ideal for your trip to the beach or vacation.

As always thanks for the downloads, support and open mind towards all things I AM Liberty.


Tom Locke: Surviving Today XXIV

Every Thursday here at http://www.iamliberty.wordpress.com stay tuned for another exciting chapter in Tom Locke’s story. Its not dystopian but, have mercy, its one man’s survival

  • into the lions den


It was a new day though the horrific night seemed to blend into morning. The blood red sky had long passed and left behind wispy clouds hung along the beautiful teal sky like artwork on a foyer wall. The mountain was coming to life under the sunlight but there was no time to stop and take it all in.

Tom was still running.  It felt like he hadn’t stopped running.  From the moment he met Najair he had been running and killing. Killing and running to stay alive. There is a very nauseating feeling that comes over you after you kill. As the last semblance of life drains out what once was a living, breathing human being you are overcome. What’s worse? Knowing that around the shadowy corners of the near future you would have to do it again.

As they passed the glass of a few tired homes along this street Tom caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. With dried blood on his head, to who it belonged he didn’t know and a garb dusty with mountain soil and sweat now toting an AK47 he looked terrible. He looked more like those from which he was fleeing. Through the mountain town Tom and Najair ran both of them looking like terrorists in their own right.

That’s when it hit him! They were running in the wrong direction. They could never make it down this mountain in time. They could hit a few residents of the mountain along the way but how much could that affect. Not to mention they were running for their lives and it was only a matter of time before their luck ran out. What would local police say? What would a news outlet believe when a story like this came frantic from the side of a mountain in West Virginia? Brittle credibility to say the least.

“Ho, ho, hold on,” Tom spoke and put his arm out slowing down the pace.

“Najair,” He weezed a bit, “We are going the wrong way.”

“What are you saying Tom? Let’s get going before we are gunned down. We have an important message to deliver!” Najair said frantically pulling on Tom’s shirt.

“To who? We can’t take main roads now. They will be looking for us. We have to go back up the mountain. We have circle back to those bodies. Cover our heads and get back to the top of that mountain. There has to be some sort of communications up there. You can tell them it’s a raw deal and they have to call it off. Call the murder off.”

“What if they don’t call it off?”

“What if we run down this damned mountain and they don’t call it off. What if we get gunned down in another half mile? This is the best option we have Najair!”

It was quiet for a moment and the engine in Najair’s mind burned incessantly.

“We must be very careful and more importantly you must follow my actions, exactly. It is very important that you do as I do in their presence. These men are fanatics and it’s easy to spot a laid back American in their midst. “


In that moment it was settled. They were headed back to the lion’s den. The top of that mountain an answer or a grave. The thought of these Radical Muslims streaming into towns across America to behead and rape or worse was simply too much to bare.

Their worst enemy at the moment was the sun. It burned away and threatened this whole endeavor. It peered at them with its wide burning eye beckoning them to race the day.

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