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5 steps to organizing your first community garden

For many of us this time of year means cold, misery and grocery store vegetables. Fortunately it this time stuck indoors can be used to plan for next years garden. A good gameplan will almost always guarantee a better yield. This is something that I have not yet mastered but very much work on every…
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January 26, 2014 4

2014 SHTF ASSESSMENT! How do you stack up?

The idea behind the 2014 SHTF assessment is a very short 20 question list that will give you an idea of where you stand and more importantly what you can focus on improving in the New Year. There will be much more than simply how much food, water and bullets do you have…and gas masks.…
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December 18, 2013 5

Fridays live show on staying healthy through cold season

Dont miss this show about keeping healthy with things like, ginger, garlic, crystalized vitamin C and of course the goof ball commentary you have come to love on this Episode of I AM Liberty! http://prepperbroadcasting.com/2013/12/06/illness-sickness-common-sense-cures/

December 9, 2013 0

Managing society with holy books

I took a hiatus from the newsand the prepping talk on ttodyas show. It has been a busy week and I thought it necessary to bring out the bible for my own guidance. Listen to the latest episode of I am liberty on spiritual preparedness. Why are so many men lost on our society? How…
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October 24, 2013 0

The book cover art

Here is a look at the cover art done by Evelyn Wesley for my new book THE MEN WHO BUILT THE END. We are looking at a mid November release date just in time for the holidays. I will be giving copies away for the kindle once its released on the I Am Liberty show.…
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October 23, 2013 0