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I AM Liberty Show: Is Community Our Last Hope?

Check Out Education Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with American Preppers Radio on BlogTalkRadio   I have been broadcasting on preparedness topics for almost three years now. There have always been threats in the shadows and concerns that seemed more fiction than fact. Of course basic preparedness is crucial and everyone should be prepared for…
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May 18, 2015 0

My Interview on The Prepper Podcast

067: Importance of Youth and Community to Preparedness and Liberty Get this interview and other great interviews and show at www.theprepperpodcast.com Podcast: Play in new window | Download   Tell me a little about you, who you are, and how you got into preparedness? What is your mission here on earth? Tell me what the…
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March 30, 2015 0

The prepared community and why its so important

If you have ever heard the show I Am Liberty than you know how I feel about the power of community. I mean let’s be honest the more of us that are prepared for the storms ahead, both figuratively and literally, the easier a track to recovery we will have. I always assume the worst…
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June 10, 2013 0