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Dehumanization, Villians and A Turkey Hunt

What we call each other matters. It seems we are moving closer and closer to the dehumanization of our counterparts. Be it progressives and liberals or right and left we have become more efficient at tearing one another down. Its taking a toll

Remember the guy who shot Batman’s parents? There is a story in his evolution as well.

Finally, a father son turkey hunt filled with tick bites and good times.

I AM the road

I AM the Road

Ancient and worn

With different colored masks they come

I AM the road of Davids star

The road built by Pharaoh

The road of the Armenians


They come to me weary and without a voice

Confused and abandoned by the world

The road of the kulaks

Or the Yezidis

Paved by the failures of man

Painted with marred souls of the forgotten


My lure is one of power

One of dominance

I AM the road

Inescapable by man

To fools i am most appealing

You’ve read about me in text

How I led to gulag

To the ovens, to the firing squads

Where i expire skulls pile like mountains


From the streets and the campuses

They approach me again

Desperation burning like fire in their eyes

Blinding them, changing them, numbing them

As history again becomes a stranger

Their first steps come with rage and protest

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I AM Liberty Show: Civil Unrest, MRAPS, Building Back Communities

Its another crazy night on I AM Liberty. My mind is off and wondering about my own successes and failures as I watch the world spin. Its holiday time and what holiday season would be complete without the racially charged rhetoric of one Louis Farakahn. How about the Bosnian man beaten to death with hammers in St. Louis? Its all on my mind. When I see communities literally burning it brings me back to www.rerootusa.com and the movement to strengthen our communities. Its the only thing that can safe this country.