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Killing the Vikings: A Lesson in Community Readiness

For some reason the barbaric, rading Viking is enjoying a nice warm comeback in modern culture. To me it seems we are so desperate to experience strength of any kind, but so unwilling to work for it, that this interest in warrior groups like Vikings, knights and samurai are just a cry out. Its a…
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October 3, 2018 2

I AM Liberty Show: An Understanding with Christianity, Twisters and Theme Park Prepping

This is a packed show and its full of a diverse range of topics. Imagine that. I have struggled for so long with Christianity and my desire to understand the full scope of this religion. Its been undeniably impactful on our world but I have always struggled to go all in for many reasons. There…
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September 20, 2018 0

I AM Liberty Show: Why We Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

  This is a quick podcast alongside a glass of guiness to remind everyone of why we celebrate this holiday every year and why its a big deal. Most importantly why we go over the handle bars and drink ourselves into oblivion. There is a meaning behind it whether you know it or not. Some…
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March 17, 2015 0