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The police don’t need sensitivity training they need jiu jitsu

  Across the country there are small gyms filled with incredibly intelligent and dedicated tacticians. Men and women that look just like the rest of us as they rush here and there. What you should understand is that if they were to reach out and grab you they could pop a bone or cut the…
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April 29, 2015 0

I AM Liberty Unbuttoned: Tori “Fireball” Applegate

Our guest is an entrepenuer, hairstylist, wife, and hardworking American who placed 2nd in the Gracie Worlds in September. In other words an all around bad ass girl. We spoke for a little over an hour on several topics.  The importance of jiu jitsu  Jiu jitsu and character  Teaching kids  Relationships  Competition  The BJJ Subscription…
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December 22, 2014 0