Come Unity; Community

You are enough to heal this nation. It takes you and your neighbors. When was the last time you had a serious conversation with someone from your community? That’s the problem! While most of us are searching for answers in the highest levels of government I am here to tell you that they are all hiding in your neighborhood. You just need to know how to bring them out. In Come Unity; Community you will learn how to engage your neighbors and get started on a path towards uniting America. You will learn to address problems as a community and begin to understand your true power and purpose. Of course, this will take effort and work on your end. I warn you, once you read this book there is no going back. Once you understand your power its up to you to use it.

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Tom Locke: Surviving America


Under a rusty blade, chained to a cabin floor Tom Locke is held captive by a group of domestic Islamic extremists. This mountaintop stronghold is one of many across the nation. They are training and planning a brutal attack right here at home.

Now with the help of another held captive Tom must escape and alert of the massacre that’s being planned all over the country. Worst of all he has just over 24 hours before the killing starts.

It will take everything he has to make it off this mountain. He will be exhausted, hunted and tested. Can Tom get the message out in time or will he be the first casualty of this vicious fundamentalist rampage.



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Our World: Recovered Journals 

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Written in the form of a case study the book is collection of Journals studied by a man name J. Singfire. His anthropological study is on a period of time in America known as the Dark Decades (2019-2041) in which the country all but disintegrated. There are four Journals belonging to a diverse group that lived through the early days of the aforementioned period.

Sharon Kimball is an IT professional living in Phoenix who comes face to face with a human trafficking ring. Kurtis O’Leary, a father who lost so much in the early days of this time period and is struggling to keep Connor, his son, alive. Gilbert Hernandez is a criminal, plain and simple. Fighting for food and money keeps him from mugging and hurting people. Terrance Howard is the prepper. Deep inside a bunker with his family Terrance reflects on the days leading up to this terrifying time, that is, until a group of marauders gets a whiff of his location.


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    Hi there! Someone in myy Facebook group shared this website wikth us so I came to check it out. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers!

  2. […] Trust me. This is not an easy job, but it is very possible. The very best resource is a book called Come Unity; Community and its entire 200+ page focus is on the importance of community, how to create your own cohesive […]

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