Start Thinking About Your SHTF Career

Start Thinking About Your SHTF Career

October 15, 2017 news Uncategorized 1

In all actuality a crushing economic downturn or even serious nuclear disaster will not mean the end of commerce. It may not look like it used to but you are still going to want to have value in the world. You will still be consuming goods and you will need more of these resources.

The reason I bring this up is because many of us are tethered to an internet connection, phone line or some sort of web of communication for making a living. We are preppers and we do our best to cover the bases when it comes to things like food, water, medicine, safety, security and a number of other categories. What I have been thinking about lately is:

How would a chef turned safety manager turned freelance writer make a living after TEOTWAWKI?

As preppers and survivalists we are uniquely prepared for this career change. Whether its the ability to identify wild foods or the ability to plan and pack for a bugout situation, we have the knowledge that others want. The problem is we rarely have the time to sit down and think about our career post SHTF.

For me the money would stop coming in almost instantly. I podcast, write and make money from other modes of monetization. Not too mention what money was still coming in would probably be impossible for me to get my hands on because of limited access to bank funds.

  • Grow Food
  • Raise Chickens for meat and eggs
  • Raise Rabbits
  • Process Wood
  • Cleaning
  • Medicinal Herbalist
  • Selling Goods
  • Refurbishing Damaged or Abandoned homes, tools, items

There are many other ideas that can make you money. Check out this article from off the grid news for a few more ideas. I think the most important part of this process of considering your post collapse career is deciding

A. What tools will you need to do the job and will they be accessible?

B. What are your strengths and what could you do better than anyone else?

In other words, if you have one old axe it may not be the best idea to cut wood for a living. Once that axe breaks you will be out of another job. In the post collapse word people will be less inclined to deal with things like excuses. When they need something there will be very little room for error or delay.

Though apocalyptic fiction offers us a setting where work is gone and all that matters is survival. We are in a slow devolution of the greatest nation on the planet. In the near future we will see the anarchy and the economic collapse of areas take hold. There will be more Detroits out there soon. California is going to have to answer for their decisions. Connecticut is already seeing a serious downturn as giants in the industry are leaving. China is buying real estate and land. The consequences will slowly begin to show up.

This is not even taking into consideration the coming tidal wave of automation and AI that will rip jobs from the middle and lower classes.

You will still have a mortgage, you may still have to pay for school and you will still have to buy the things your family needs. How do you plan to do it in a nation that is crumbling? Today is the day you start considering your Post SHTF Career.

On this weeks episode of I AM Liberty I want to talk about changing careers after the collapse. We will be live 9EST at Call in or come join the live chat.


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