School Shootings: Is it the guns or the drugs?

School Shootings: Is it the guns or the drugs?

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Students are still shooting people up in schools and idiots are still pointing at a firing mechanism. I have heard it from a few and I wrote about it after Newtown the psychoactive drugs are murder on the youth and everyone else for that matter. If there is a culprit in these atrocious cases its just that.

When these things first started happening I remember people saying, “ This never happened when I was growing up.”

Yet there have been guns in homes for ages. There were even shooting teams in schools!

These powerful antidepressants were the missing link and below I will make my case.

In many school shootings carried out by minors, court documents are sealed and the extent of chemical use is unknown to the public.

But in a number of high-profile cases, the link has been reported:

  • Kip Kinkel was withdrawing from      Prozac and had been prescribed Ritalin when he murdered his mother and      stepfather then shot 22 classmates, killing two, in 1998.
  • Christopher Pittman was      withdrawing from Luvox and from Paxil when he killed his paternal      grandparents in 2001.
  • Elizabeth Bush, who fired at      fellow students in Williamsport, Pa., in 2001, wounding one, was on      Prozac.
  • Jason Hoffman, was on Effexor      and Celexa when he opened fire at his El Cajon, Calif., high school,      wounding five.
  • Shawn Cooper of Notus, Idaho,      was on antidepressants when he fired a shotgun on students and staff.
  • T.J. Solomon, on      antidepressants, wounded six at his Conyers, Ga., high school.
  • Eric Harris was taking Luvox      when he and fellow student Dylan Klebold killed 12 students and a teacher      and wounded 24 others before turning their guns on themselves at Columbine      High School in Colorado.
  • At Virginia Tech in 2007, where      32 were murdered, authorities found “prescription medications related to      the treatment of psychological problems had been found among Mr. Cho’s      effects,” according to the New York Times.



This article did not include Adam Lanza or James Holmes who were both on antidepressents and are the two most recent examples of the type of brain scrambling effects these meds can have on a young mind.


This is not an isolated event but a societal problem. We have seen it all year. Tragedy after tragedy but we do nothing about it. How many times can you walk into a room and get slugged in the face without putting your hands up. When do we put our hands up?

I dont exactly know why these boys have decided to cope with life in such a fashion. Of course their acts are deplorable but why? If we dont try to figure out why than we can never solve anything. We will remain an angry mob mulling around pointing fingers.

I have my theories. Drugs is one in particular. I dont mean smoking pot. I mean the drugs that insecure parents pump into their children. These disgraceful parents who will stop at nothing to make sure little Jimmy is just like the rest of the kids. Parents who put everything over their child so they give him a pill and sit him in a dark room with a game system. Its sickening! If the child is sad we dont let their brain cope with it. Stick em with a happy needle.


According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which handles that registration, there were more than 3.1 million National Firearms Act-registered weapons in the U.S. as of March 2012. That includes more than 488,000 machine guns and more than 2 million “destructive devices” such as grenades, which are also classified under the law.

So what’s the breakdown? We all hear the news mouths as they try to induce fear with the talk of how many evil guns were bought last year and how many crazy folks could have access to them.

The facts are this. This country has a ton of guns!! Just look at the numbers below but you know what? I can sleep at night with the idea that the DHS, NSA and whatever three letter oppression machine you want to include, has to consider just that each and every day.

4 in 10 households have guns

Still much too large a number

1 in 10 Americans are on anti depressants

In comparison the amount of folks on antidepressants and psychoactive drugs is miniscule to the amount of guns in this country especially when you consider the number of minors and their inability to own weapons but take these dangerous meds.

What does this tell you about the effects and risk factors of each? What is the real enemy here?

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